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My name is Dave Anan, I have lived across six states of my country, seen a lot of girls and dated as much as I desired (though not all). Welcome once again to the world’s most interactive and visitors-friendly men dating website, I would be guiding you all the way, from seeing a hot girl “just seeing” to taking a hot shower together! That sound unrealistic, I know, but it is so do-able.

Several years back it never occurred to me that I would be able to approach any girl and get them attracted instantly.

I thought beautiful girls were as tough as they made us believe, I resorted to giving compliments and buying gifts, calling them all sorts of nice names – The nice guy way – hoping it would get them attracted to me, well it never did, I got bruised many times while the bad boys kept hitting it.

Okay, I was the shy type but I thought it would be easy if I was really nice, I thought maybe I could learn their secrets. I knew women play lots of relationship games and only very few guys know the ropes or how come only few guys are successful while the rest are not? Like mathematics, like quadratic equation, I thought maybe there was a formula,

Then I ran to Google hoping to get instant gratification, hoping to get the matter solved immediately, I surfed a bit, heard someone talk about pick up line, “yeah!” I echoed, “This is a good start,” I thought. then after countless months of using the pickup lines, I discovered I was better-off without them.

Over the years, I discovered that most men that talk about chasing girls on the internet hardly practice What they talk about because they’ve got it all churned out the wrong way while the few with the know-how would have it stuffed in tick covers and sold for several dollars. “How can I spend all that on an eBook. Then with little more frustration I ran back to the field of play and the game began.

I started hanging out with successful guys, and like the saying “show me your friend…, I became like them, then a bit tougher after several array of trial and error, then came the “c’mon it is working, I can’t believe it.” friends started asking how I am doing it, they Started questioning my methods.

I felt the need to give a little hand, a little talk, with time I took to helping guys, telling them how to catch and keep the kind of girls they desire, They turned to me every time they had issue with girls, then they turned me into a relationship coach Their excitement triggered my passion. Then I had an idea “why not put it where everyone would see it” how on earth do I do that? I almost pushed the idea aside but the dream kept rolling up in my head, I have a good job and wouldn’t have time to think or type a page.

After several months I thought maybe I should build a website, a website for men, tell them where to look and how to chase, get and keep girls and Dating-tips-for-realmen.com was conceived. If I have to build a website then it should better be the best. I have to build a website for men and it gotta be the best around, second to none! I needed the best tools and programmers so I went back to google and after a while

I thought I had found one and the journey began, page after page, then this page and this site was born. I wanted it accessible by anybody, any country and as at now, 51 percent of my visitors are from USA then over 100 other countries. The dream started coming together and we recently added a page where anybody could Talk About Dating and Ask The Coach just like yahoo answers, just like facebook, join us, let’s build the world largest, visitors-friendly men dating website by sharing your thoughts. Thanks

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I most confess that your articles have transformed my life tremendously, not just in terms of women but in having a confident, positive & satisfactory life in general. – From IK

Never tend to avoid break up or try to sustain a relationship with more money, gifts or service

Most of what is taught about chasing women should be tried-out till perfection is attained