Practicing the art of kissing, understanding women body language.

The art of kissing involves two major steps, knowing when a lady want to be kissed, when you had so sparked up her attraction and she just wished you would draw near and kiss her.

It only takes you sparking up her attracted before she would long for a kiss

How do you know when a lady want to be kissed or when she is inviting you to practice the art of kissing,

probably when she starts biting her lips, with those please get it kind of gaze.

Do you know why women would always use this pattern as an invitation for a kiss?, everybody knows that the lips gets more attractive and red when bitten, the pretty girls knows that too. So, she tend to get you more attracted to her lips by biting it.

Art of Kissing

Then giving you those, ‘come kiss me’ kind of look, don’t you see it, can’t you u understand, please get close and kiss me, the lips is now red and very attractive, all for you.

That is all a lady says by biting her lips.

Then she continues biting, wondering whether you haven’t figured it out yet, she bits them gently until you figure out her intention and then bend over to kiss her and she objects, She moves back pretending like she doesn’t want it, to further make you the initiator, if she objects, it does not mean she doesn’t want it,

Just take a bold step, make her feel it is right to go ahead, make her know her dignity is protected, don’t say anything, pull her closer if you are sitting or pull her up so you are both standing then grab her neck and kiss, at this point, you behaved like the man, did I mention that it is more matured to pull a lady closer than to move closer to her

The second step involved in kissing a new girl is knowing when she wouldn’t object a kiss. You are talking to her and really longing to kiss her, you want to kiss her but you don’t really know if it has gotten to that, if she would call you a jerk for making the move.

You don’t want to make a mistake, jumping straight into it and being sent back with a hot slap

OK, relationships starts from seeing, then talking, followed by hand holding and hand squeezing then touching her hair and shoulder that’s the technical aspect To a woman all this steps must be followed, when she is comfortable with one, you try the other that’s involves the art of kissing.

When she enjoys your conversation, likes your coddling her and those hot hand squeeze learn to touch her hair and make a little comment, like -you’ve got some soft hair” keep stroking her hair, if she is OK with it. Then you can practice the art of kissing.

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