Learn The Most Effective Way To Ask Her Out!

He’s probably been eying a pretty girl, for weeks and he felt it is really time to ask her out.

He wants to ask for a date but he doesn’t know how to ask, probably short of the right words to use. I am going to be talking about how to increase your chances, of making her show up,

First, there are two types of guys, the “wussy” and the “real guy”.

Lets take the word “wussy” for some folks who are yet climbing the ladders of successful relationship, we all were once here.

I am going to outline the possible character of a wussy and that of a real guy, talk about what is lacking and what should be added. Ask her out lets say the the wussy happened on a pretty girl, and now it is time to ask her out.

He called on Thursday and said “hello love, how are you? How is your parents and everybody? I really missed you!

“I just want to know if you can see me on Sunday afternoon, at the Cafeteria, I want us to talk about things, can you make it? “I will try my best,” she said. Then the wussy continues, he doesn’t have a definite time, so he asks what time she would be less busy. “I don’t know yet” she probably replied.

Then the wussy starts begging “please don’t disappoint me, I can’t wait to see your face again, I even saw you in my dream, I want us to really go a long way.” Then he finally hang up and the chick starts thinking, “He saw me in his dream, he was begging, I am really better than him. “I am looking for some tough guy, not some beggar!” she thought to her self.

“May be I will go if there is no better option, let me just check him out,” she finally mused.

Now, we are talking about a beautiful lady here, who probably has a lot of admirers and even followers, that is a poor way to ask her out.

If you sounded like the guy above, you should better put on your search light again and keep looking or get refurbished and try again. There would definitely arise a better alternative.

I once met a beautiful girl on the street, I was walking and talking to her when a woman called her “sweet heart”, later when I asked her name, she said “sweet heart” a wussy would have taken that and probably improved on it by saying

things like “alright I will save your number with my sweet heart.” But I said “look, I want your real name because I don’t know you and you can’t be my sweet heart yet,” guess what, she told me her name, gave me her number and we went very far.

A wussy is always in a hurry to take every bit of a come in, always in in hurry to ask her out, but the real guy takes his time.

A “nice guy” thinks that compliments to a beautiful girl would probably increase his chances of moving ahead, but the reverse is often the case, it would get him jilted.

Now lets assume you really want to know how to ask her out, this is it Let me relate the story of a real guy, this is how a real guy asks for a date,

“Hello Jane”, Now the real guy is sensible enough to remember her real name but definitely not in a hurry to bring her in, to call her pet names, sweet names probably because he still has to check her out before accepting her, that is the concept, the idea, the notion.

You want to make sure they are the best before you accept them, despite her beauty and heights, you still want to check if she is OK.

Lets continue

“Hello Jane, I would be less busy by 2 pm on Sunday, I want you to fly over to my house lets do some mature talking.” Sentences like this carries with it, lots of mystery! It is the best way to ask for a date. it is the best way to ask her out. nothing brings a girl to her feet like mystery,

The urge to know what he has in mind the zest to know what he meant by “mature talking”, is he going to jump on me to devour me?

Maybe he didn’t mean that, “mature talking,” maybe he is talking about just having a good time, and laughing, the girl thinks that would be fine.

OK, you got her thinking, almost confused, beautiful girls want to follow people they are confused about. U used a bit of gentle “command” -“I want to you to fly over” You did not beg, that’s great!.

You made it look like you are going to create the fun and ask her to take a sip.

Here you make the world spill, while the wussy thinks the woman makes his world spill. this is a good way to ask her out. The way you position yourself could push or pull her level of attraction for you, like I said early -when you understand, the key word that make women fall in love, when you understand the key principles, you can insert them into almost any situation.

The idea is to make the call as quick and as thick as possible, make every word meaningful and responsible. There are several other way you could ask her out for a date, try getting the key principles then use your own words

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