The Right Attitude to Attracting Hot Girls

Attitude is the way you do it and handle things around you – it is your personal approach to matters arising from daily dealings, it is how you do it and the way you handled the situation.

I am talking about the wrong approach that keeps hot girls far away from you, and the right attitude to attracting pretty girls. How do you lose a girl? How do you keep a girl? The bottom line is that you lose a girl especially when there is a better alternative.

Now, I am not talking about losing your girl to a more handsome guy nor a guy with more money. I am talking about when you lose your girlfriend to a more powerful guy.

Wrong Attitude

The word powerful is two words joined together, power-full. Power is the ability to do something and ability is the willingness plus courage to do something. It is taking charge and being in control.

The Webster dictionary talks about having affluence over something or taking control, and it describes the term in a powerful way stating “the wielder of authority”

OK, your relationship is not the army force where strong emphasis is laid on power and authority. I am just looking for the best way to pass the message to you. When you find the one you truly love, you may really want to treat her like some hot diamond but diamonds do get lost too!

When the man with the right attitude is the head of a relationship, then things are always run properly right down to marriage. But when a woman is on top, the man is always counted out. A woman wants a leader as a partner, not a follower, whether they admit this or not. I know that within them they yearn secretly for a tough man.

Ask any wise woman…she wants a man that will lead her with love, having also the power to make decisions in tough situations. When you shiver or shake when talking to a lady it shows you are weak. Also, you show a weakness when you call a girl one million times a day,

It shows you are scared of losing her and when you are scared, you are not powerful. Also, when you search her cell phone – it shows you have a limited mindset, you are too confined to your environment, it shows you can’t live if she cheats on you.

If you grumble when another guy is talking to your girlfriend it shows you are not powerful and this is a wrong attitude.

Previously, I thought girls were so strong and tough but with time I learned that they all have keys, some are stronger than others. But every one of them have put up some form of barrier that we often think, they are very tough and independent. But when we get closer, it is not as we often imagined. This barrier can be broken or at least breached.

Joe was involved in a long-distant relationship. He met a beautiful girl in a bus and managed to get her phone number. Two days later, he started hitting on her and she fell for him automatically. Since the girl lived a far distance away, they spend hours on phone talking to each other. They talk all night, ‘kissed’ on the phone and even ‘made love’ to each other on the phone.

Then he thought that everything is now set with this girl. He traveled several miles to actually experience the practical side of all they’ve been doing on phone. He booked a room in a hotel and then invited her to his room hopefully to devour her all he wanted. All the time though she was saying, “let’s just talk…can’t we just talk?”

Joe still believed that ‘he is the man’ and after several chapters of counter motivation she still said no. He tried all the methods his friends suggested and she managed to kiss him and still withheld the rest. He complained, got angry then calmed down and started thinking.

No to sex

Then He figured, maybe she probably concluded never to get too physical before coming to see Him.

Then he thought maybe she could be wet, or just being a good girl who wouldn’t run into the arms of a stranger without due consideration.

Then he decided to give her a day to think about it, after all he still had five days to stay. He then discovered that the closer he moves, the more she withdraws. Joe was the handsome type and he tried all his best, but never knew what went wrong,

Should I tell you that it was his attitude that spoilt his chances?

At the end he spent five days in an unknown town for nothing.

But when he talked to her before coming to visit, she never showed any sign of resentment. Instead it seemed that the plan excited her, and she was even the one that told him to come. She once even said she could give him anything if only she could see him,

So what’s the problem…what the hell went wrong? I am going to tell you what happened – it was Joe’s attitude that drove her away. Women often want you to give them a little bit of respect, but the best way is to catch them off guard. Naturally, they are attracted to the mature guys and our problem is learning to incorporate maturity into our metabolism.

She might have the same urge as he had when he came to visit, but he obviously didn’t follow the process. He definitely was too forward and never spared her any dignity. Instead he played it one step after another, so she could anticipate his next action.

The wrong attitude stopped him before he ever started.

In this situation, it is of utmost importance that the woman does not know your next step and what you will do next. He probably invited her to a hotel and pounced on her like a stuff he had already paid for. He crawled so sheepishly from holding her hands to hoping the rest will follow.

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Maybe if he Bought her Lunch and told her how he really missed her and how desperately he wants to get to the practical aspect.

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