Attracting Girls Simplified

The issue of attracting girls and getting them to fall madly in love would always keep us wondering; how do I get her attracted to me…?”

I would like to repeat that meeting and keeping girls is not an easy thing to do, at least not when you are going for the pretty ones.

A complete personality make-over is required; You have to start thinking like the already successful guys.

It’s not so easy but it is do-able. A complete success with women can be achieved through this proven technique.

And above all, you must be ready to walk into the field of play and try out what you have learned. You have to understand this; if you are not willing to try out whatever you read on this site, then there is absolutely nothing else we can do the trigger the level of relationship success you honestly desire.

Attracting girls made easy

The most important and necessary aspect of attracting girl is mustering the desire to walk into the field of play and practicalize what you read about here. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go into the field of play!

We have gotten so used to the ‘easy ways of doing things’ – crying and begging pretty girls to give us a chance appears easy while all this process seems a bit tedious – forcing us to easily get back to what we are more familiar with.

Let’s get started with attracting girls; The Perfect Attitude that gets beautiful girls to run toward you. Let get straight to it… follow me, I will take you to the expected destination.

Learn a Bit of Women Psychology

Attracting girls involves a whole lot of processes you don’t just read in a book and play, you need to inculcate it into your system. If you can get one girl attracted, then you can get any girl attracted. Almost all girls think alike, they want almost the same thing. We are talking about how to build a relationship from just seeing her to living happily ever after.

Let’s say it’s your classmate that has been eying you from a distance and you’ve been wondering how to get through to her.

How do women think? What kind of guys do they go after? The tough ones or the simple, nice, talkative, always crying, always begging ones – what do you think? Let’s say you are a beautiful girl, who would you throw yourself at, how would you determine the perfect guy?

While dealing with women it is imperative that you understand that “action speaks louder than words”…. no need telling her you are the man; instead just be the man.

BE THE MAN!!!, if you want to Date Pretty Girls. Get your act together and start thinking clearer, women are not all diamonds, they are everywhere. If you lose one, be ready to try it out with a prettier one, don’t cry, don’t complain, real men don’t do all of that grilling and whining.

Drop the Wussy Attitude

Before anything else, drop the wussy attitude if you want to attract girls. Some guys have very Low Self Esteem and somehow they think they can bribe their way to the heart of a pretty girl by offering services, seeming even less than a fan.

Guys have resorted to bribing girls with material things… trying to lure girls with gifts and money, like they are some goddess and we are their subjects. We think singing her songs and giving her compliments would get her to like us more but no, it wouldn’t.

While the use of compliments would likely not get beautiful girls running after us, it is also a wrong method of attracting girls. Take for instance you are a beautiful girl with over ten guys running after you! How will you know which is the best?

Just think about it; will you go with the one who came singing the everyday anthem of how beautiful you are and how he wanted to be with you? Every woman is looking for a mature guy, a confident guy who can handle himself and take care of situations. Not a beggar, not a pleaser, not a lesser guy… a better guy!

So who would she go home with? I bet she would be looking for the tough man in the house, the one with a unique character not “nice character.” This is why it looks like beautiful girls are always stuck with the “bad guys”. Why?

A tough guy give her little time, almost no compliments, invariably telling them they are not yet good enough, which gets them working harder to improve.

Why do beautiful girls ask ‘how do I look?’ They want to be complimented and when they don’t get it, they work harder. The bad boy does this consciously or unconsciously to get hot girls trapped to them. While nice guys sing out their tongue to get then excited and eventually end up losing out.

Play A Bit of Hard to Get

In an attempt to attracting girls, we are tempted to treat beautiful girls with caution – Like they are going to crack if we push them any harder – we always try to do what they say, sometimes trailing a regular pattern that they have so gotten used to.

Like always calling by 8pm because she said it makes her happy, like telling her you would die if she leaves and all those over-used lines. This doesn’t keep her, though it could get her to smile away at you!

Now, I am not saying it is bad to treat women nicely…why not? But you don’t need to lose your mind over a new girl.

Most often we recoil unconsciously into the “wussie” state – the begging mode, – It seems like we are wired by default to keep doing that no matter how loud the message of self improvement sounds.

Playing ‘hard to get’ kind of gets us rejuvenated…puts us back in control. Can you make up your mind and try not to call her today? Don’t try to slip a love letter into her pocket; behave like you have other business to run before seeing her and then observe how she reacts.

We are looking at attracting girls, building attraction to the gut-level, until she throws everything else at you with wild abandon. The idea is not being a “wuss” but to be in charge. Bring her into your room, let her think you are going to pounce on her, like every other guy does, then take her out again like you are not thinking of that; it gets her confused.

The good thing about women not knowing what you will do next is that it gives you a free pass to do almost anything although, I don’t expect you to do the abnormal. Don’t work off your a** trying to impress her; you can only get more depressed, be yourself. In the process of attracting girls, you can learn and improve.

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