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Searching for the best pick up lines? Welcome to our site. Here you will get freshly baked information on how to chat up the new chick in your neighborhood. Are you trying hard not to make a bad first impression? Well, almost everybody gets it wrong in the initial stage!

Every guy wants to say the right thing.

Guys will go to any length to learn what works, so they keep searching the net and dating websites, looking for answers, searching for tips.

When you search for “best pick up lines”, you come across tips that are so irrelevant to picking up girls. There are suggestions of short sentences you wouldn’t dare say to a new girl unless you want to practically Turn Her Off. What I do is give you the do’s and the don’ts of picking up women while you use your own language. You can then figure out the rest.

If you are here, I mean if you are reading this, then you are just in the right place at the right time. You won’t need any other help winning over that babe in your neighborhood.

Best pick up line

This is the right place to learn the best pick up moves. Just follow me and discover the words that will grab any girl’s attention.

No pretty girl wants to end up with some loser; they all want to go home with the best man in the crowd.

Like I said, women are always looking for a better alternative. They all want the best so they wouldn’t likely go home with you because you were the first guy that said “hi” neither will they follow the second guy because he was dressed well.

In reality, your grammar, accent and clothing have little to do with your success in a relationship. It takes more than just good looks to have beautiful women singing your chorus.

Women go home with the best man in the crowd

So how do they make their choice? How do they know who to go out with? What is the psychology behind pick up lines? Simple. It is just how to say the right things that would get her to follow you; how to do the things that would get her to smile at you – the right attitude, the best pick up lines.

A friend of mine who found me through this site sent across a mail asking for relationship advice after having searched the internet for days looking for the best way to approach a pretty girl that had moved into his neighborhood.

He’s really been eyeing the babe for months without knowing what to say, without knowing the right moves to make. He spent weeks telling her how sweet she looks and all-those purported best pick up lines that actually get you messed up.

There is always the most suitable lines for every situation.

Guys, let’s catch some fish. Below are the basic rules to picking up girls which if followed will land you both in the same bed: (after marriage)

Don’t use Compliments

When you go through comments on Facebook and other social sites, it would seem to you that guys are just wired by default to give compliments. Not minding how the girl really looks, I have seen some very bad pictures with a comment below from a nice wuss saying, “You look sweet”. Girls are used to getting compliments but do they chase the guys that throw out those compliments? No, they sit tight and expect you to do more, then when you knock yourself out, you eventually give up and feel like your efforts are not paying off.

Naturally, what do you think happens to people that take bribes? OK, why do you think people give bribes? The same reason guys give compliments; to get girls on their side without trying hard. Why do you think guys spend a good amount of money chasing the new girl in the neighborhood? – To impress her, to show off, and to cover up their inefficiency and shortcomings.

When you give compliments and spend a large chunk of money to get a girl, it would seem like you are not enough and that you are trying to make this up by spending more money and giving compliments and that’s not the best way to pick up girls.

Cut out the “The Please take me” Attitude

I also refer to this as the “wussy attitude,” which is those times you feel that she is way out of your league and just keep struggling to get her; doing almost anything she asks just to get a chance with her.

The best pick up lines are not those short, over-used lines of sentences you copy down from the internet. They are real words that are created by you in respect to a current happenstance. If you want to date the prettiest girl on earth you need to stop behaving like you are worthless and start behaving like you have something to offer. Behave like you know what you are doing; be the man in the relationship – take the lead.

If you want the best pick up lines, you will create them yourself. For confident guys, whatever they say works. If you want to start picking up girls sporadically, then you need to get confident and talk like you have known them for ages. Try Flirting a little bit, talk without fears.

Stop behaving like she would slap you if you say the wrong thing, and whatever you say confidently would likely work.

More here on approaching women and Building Your Self Confidence

When talking to a girl on the street and you are thinking of how to ask for her number, normally it feels awkward to just say, “Hey, it’s time for me to take your number why not type it here.”

Confidence is one vital ingredient that is desperately required in every level of human association from human relationships to marketing, down to dating girls and creating the best pick up lines.

Try This Pick Up Style

You’ve been talking to a beautiful girl for a few minutes, then you told her that you are going in the other direction, you made a turn, and then returned like you forgot something, presented her your phone and said “Your number”

First, you wanted to leave her, at least that’s how it seemed, and then you returned. You almost forgot to take her number probably because you have other things on your mind apart from her, but you never did leave, you returned making it look like an opportunity she shouldn’t reject. Ninety percent of the times she would end up typing her number.

This pick up technique works almost at all times, not only in the street, but also in the club. Like when you are talking to a beautiful girl, then make a move to see some other friends and then turn back to her again and say, “Your number”

OK, I mentioned something – “To see some other friends”. Beautiful girls are always after the hot and scarce guys. They always chase the busy type who probably has little time for them.

Why? Because they assume (as much as it is the real fact) that they are busy and that scarce guys are “responsible.” So when you are talking to a pretty girl, then take permission to see other friends, this is not a typical style for a beautiful woman. Hot girls are used to guys boring them all day with the stories of how beautiful they are, clinging to them without planning to leave.

But here, you have other matters to attend to besides her.

That is playing a little bit hard to get. That is one attribute of the best pick up lines

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Pick up techniques, pick up style — to picking girls on the street.

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