Buying Gifts For A Girl

We guys often think that the best way to appease our angry girlfriend is by buying gifts It is the most apologetic method often implored by guys

As much as it had worked for many and will keep working, it is also a weak method of approaching new girls.

There are two kind of girls, the new girl and your already girlfriend.

Your already girlfriend is the girl you’ve been with for months and even years in some cases.

With her, almost anything could be taken, careful compliments, gifts and many others.

But to the new chick, The beautiful Girl you are just eying, there is another kind of view to all this showing off The fresh girl, Sees gifts in her own way, not the way your everyday babe sees it. Splashing money on a new girl makes us appear like an incompetent fellow, who is trying to add-up by spending more.

Buying Gifts

Spending much money on a girl we just met, could easily push a guy to the “just friends” list or even the mugu list. A friend told me that mugu or mugus is an African language used for old men trying to dwindle the little sweet girls, often enticing them by spending more.

This is a hot seat for any guy. These girls explore every means to spend their money without going any further than just spending money. Guy, as much as gift buying could fill your spouse love tank, it could also stop you before you start.

It is a weak first step in approaching any girl.

Get Confident

Lets talk about inferiority complex. Any man can have any girl, irrespective of their age differences, Let me put it in another language. -Our only problem is looking down on ourself, we always think we are not enough, we are short, or not handsome.

But what really buys a sweet girl over is your level of stand on matters arising, a reserved attitude, not being in a hurry. Knowing what you are doing, confidence, maturity, not money.

Money could get some, but money don’t always get the thick ones.

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Never tend to avoid break up or try to sustain a relationship with more money, gifts or service

Most of what is taught about chasing women should be tried-out till perfection is attained