Changing city

by John
(The Netherlands)


I am writing this letter from the Netherlands. I am an average looking man who is looking for a relationship. I have been reading your website articles for about an year now and so far I am able to see the changes in my behavior towards women with the tips available. But I must say, just by reading one of the article or even many, nothing changed within me (i.e. any change from a very nice guy towards a real man).

The changes that so far happened were triggered by my bad as well as good experiences with women and after a few days, it clicks me that, ohh now I get it – this is what was written on that article. So slowly with many mistakes and brownie points, am slowly changing from the very nice guy to a real man.

I must confess, I am yet to transform completely but I am surely on the track and I believe this is not something I can do over a week or a month. So I am being patient and consistent.

Now I have the courage to talk to a random girl on street/train/train station etc and I am able to get their number with a probability of around 3 in 10 or something. However, a mutual match is yet to be found.

Most of the girls I went out with are when I was in a big city. Now I am back to a small student city and unfortunately its a city of technical education which is known for its poor female to male ratio.

Most of the girls here are in a relationship. If not in a relationship and in case they come out, I see that they are a bit arrogant or too picky probably because of the poor female to male ratio. I am now 26 and I would like to find a company and I believe its normal to feel so.

I am confident that I am improving my skills when it comes to women however I am afraid that I am stuck in the wrong place where its a lot of guys and a few girls because of the city being a technical university city. There is nothing else in this city other than the technical university!

So I am planning to shift to a nearby student city where there is a high female to male ratio because of the university there being arts/law/medicine oriented. It is like 30 minutes by train so I can travel to my present university everyday where I do PhD studies.

I am counting on the fact that, since there are more girls than guys in this nearby city, there be a higher probability of meeting a matching personality and I expect the girls to be not so arrogant or too picky as is the case where I live now (well to an extend the arrogant part might be reflected because of my still to be taken out nice guy characteristics. still..)

What is your view on this?

Thanks a lot for the great website. Its helpful for guys like me who are in the process of getting rid of nice guy syndrome.


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Changing city

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I Am Changing Cities to improve my dating NEW
by: Dave Anan

Hello john, Thanks for your nice words about my site.

I try my best to share my knowledge about women through this channel.

Over the years I have been opportuned to meet and date pretty ladies as I desired, there were times i had to date ‘an only fish in a pond’. Every one of the girls in your city still want to have a great relationship, they still want a clean guy, you just need to be one of the guys.

Have you seen Chicks Made Easy? it is powerful beyond imagination

it would take you through the whole transformation process.

Get back to me pls

I agree but… NEW
by: John

Hello Dave,

Thanks for your reply. I understand what you meant by your short response on the matter. However I am considering the fact that relocating will increase my chances as it boils down to number game in the end, especially if one is looking for someone compatible for a meaningful relation, not for one night stands.

I consider buying your book this month end, if you know what I mean!


Would Changing City Effect My Relationship NEW
by: Dave Anan

Of course John,
I am all for one man one woman but you need to know that it takes the same technique to Impress Any Kind of Girl, It really doesn’t matter how long you want to keep her. There are basic relationship tips that works the same magic on women from all walk of life.

I wish you good luck in your quest for a life partner, you just need to learn to get her to fall in love and also learn how the keep the fire burning. And yes, you will begin to finally get it as the days goes by.

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I most confess that your articles have transformed my life tremendously, not just in terms of women but in having a confident, positive & satisfactory life in general. – From IK

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