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How would you like to meet and date pretty girls without the often accompanying girl games and relationship hiccups?

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Have you waited in a restaurant for several minutes while the girl you were supposed to meet kept saying, “I am on my way?” You thought maybe she was really on her way and then waited another hour but kept getting the same mind-wrenching response.

Chicks Made Easy With Dave Anan Then you sat away at a corner of the restaurant and drank more bottles of coke in wild exasperation

‘What the heck is wrong with women?’, you wondered.

You probably told her to meet you at 2pm but she still hasn’t shown up by 4pm.

So why is she doing this?

Are they really this flippant or you are getting it all wrong?

You are few steps away from Real Success With Women

What do you do when a pretty girl starts off with relationship games When she promises to call but never did

Or even refuse to pick when you call

Have you met a girl that goes all wild in the open but shuts down when you are alone with her?

Have you been frustrated before by a girl you truly love, I mean Real Frustration?

The mind-boggling, heart-wrenching kind of frustration Chicks Made Easy will take away all your frustrations if followed keenly, it was created for this exact purpose,

I went through all the stress of putting this together just so you might find real success with women

Wait a minute!

Have you been obsessed about a new girl in the office or the girl at the next desk and wondered how to get through to her?

Which is the easiest route to relationship success?

Chicks Made Easy reveals the secret to building a successful relationship the way you have never seen before. If you follow my tested and proven techniques, you will look back in few weeks and wonder what if you never had the opportunity to own this powerful Dating Ebook,
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Have you ever felt like a pretty girl was madly into you? Probably because she was always starring from a distance and laughing at everything you say.

I mean when she was laughing all the way with you, even when the joke wasn’t funny and you thought you’ve probably won the “jackpot.”

Then you invited her over to finish her off and she suddenly went cold turkey.

Have you traveled several miles to meet a girl that promised to deliver a lush evening over the phone but eventually went cold on seeing you?

I bet she probably promised to Give Anything for an hour with you

Then you took the risk and traveled a million miles to be with her and she kept saying “can’t we just talk”

Did you turn her off?

When, How?

How do you handle girls when they make the U turn at the very last minute?

Or why do you even think a girl who was so close to stripping you on the phone would develop cold feet on seeing you??

Dating ebook image Best Dating Ebook - Chick Magnet

The Good Nice Guys,

They complain that the bad guys are stealing away the pretty girls.

A nice guy employs every possible tactic to appease a pretty girl while the bad guy sits away at home and decides on who to shoot next.

Then he aims his deadly arrow at your most priced jewel and BAM!!! She melts into his arms beyond your wildest imagination

She fell for his crap and told you how she is crazy about him – A guy you probably know very well – a jerk. And you went wild with jealousy, became furious and wondered – with clenched fist – why she couldn’t get herself to love you.

After everything you have done for her, you probably have tried your best for her (I have been there). And I also know how painful it is to walk all the way from the bottom to the top and watch a less caring guy steal it all away with wild audacity!

Chicks Made Easy Helps you transform into the kind of man you have always wanted to be. You can choose to do nothing about your situation or act instantly… I mean in the Now!

You can learn to take absolute control of your relationship life

Follow my footsteps.

Achieve unbelievable results with ‘Chicks Made Easy!’

I used to be really scared of approaching girls and making that first move. I used to doubt my confidence; I used to have inferiority complex and think that the pretty girls were not meant for me but I was wrong.

It took me several years of trial and error to finally cut to the chase and move into the world of pretty girls.

Several years back I had the feeling that most of the pretty girls around me were way over my league. I wondered why I never seem to exceed the ‘friends zone’ level with girls.

Then I resorted to dating low-confident girls – thinking they would stick tightly irrespective of my attitude and behavior.

I thought they would stick with me irrespective of what I do and how I behave probably because they have a slimmer chance of meeting a better guy, but I was wrong.

Almost all women, no matter how ugly or how insecure they look are always in the look-out for Mr Perfect,

All girls are looking for a Real Man and the hard part is transforming from the little crying baby we were born as to a real man that would be desired and wanted by all women.

This Dating Mantra Does The Magical Fix

The question is; Are you ready for the complete turn-around?

Transform from the everyday simple nice guy that keep losing women to the super confident guy that women would kill to keep

Just by learning and understanding simple common girls secrets.

Did You Know…

Secret #1:

That all women are attracted to the same kind of guys. Are you not surprised at the way bad guys date different hot girls at the same time while the nice good guys wouldn’t stop wondering ‘what if’?

Secret #2:

That it takes more than looks and a Porsche to really attract and keep girls – anybody can be successful with a hot girl!

Secret #3:

That it takes the right attitude and behavior to achieve great success with women. Chicks Made Easy guides you every step of the way to building a lasting and successful relationship.

What you need to succeed with women is determination and Chicks Made Easy!

I think it is the right time to stop dealing with crap and go for the Real Deal!

Inside this eBook you’ll discover…

Act Instantly!

chicks made easy

Have you felt sick and tired of chasing women and just wished for an easier route?

Chicks Made Easy is the all-in-one solution to complete success with women. It offers you practical steps to achieving success with women. It draws a very bold line between the right and the wrong attitude and behaviors in relationships

And also heralds lots of jaw-dropping events, occurrences and stories of my affairs with different tough and pretty girls.

To find success; you must pursue it eagerly with your eyes wide open so you recognize it when you see it.

It Comes With Three Mind-Blowing Bonuses

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4 Deadly Seduction Steps

seduction techniques

This is a Must-Read for all guys, don’t dare talk to another girl till you have seen this mind-blowing ebook

Let’s join forces and walk into the pretty world of pretty girls!
Dave Anan

Bonus 2
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MEN – As Told By A Pretty Girl

Men dating ebook

MEN – “As Told By A Pretty Girls” narrates the life of a man from a woman’s perspective, our life, desire for sex, ego, drive and enthusiasm. I consider it to be an amazing piece.

Bonus 3
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The Amplified Man

The Amplified Man

The Amplified ManConfidence Plus Wealth – The easiest way to kill a girl. (A short introduction to The Main Deal)

Dave anan

What is in It For You?

You would achieve all that and even much more.


Before anything, thanks for creating such a gigantic website to help guys like me who are clue less and less experienced with girls. All my life I was thought to threat women with specialty and respect, to love them endlessly and stuff like that but the articles on your site have completely transformed my perception of women, now I see pretty girl in a different light.

Your Chicks Made Easy happens to be one of the most complete resource for dating, I got a copy a week back but I am yet to implement all the outlined principles and tips. The stories and motivational words are so professional and assuring – more than I expected, You have the best tips on increasing self confidence. All my life I have been scared of approaching pretty girl but all of that are fading away, thanks so much.

Adlan, England

I read the first version of this Ebook and boy, it is really worth more than you can imagine because Dave uses his own personal experiences with women to relay step by step (practical) approach to dating, and not some theoretical idea as most other dating “gurus” do. I highly recommend this eBook to all those who wish to not only be better in the game of dating, but also be a better person overall. In order to be able to love someone, you must first be able to accept yourself! ~ by Noah – Here

I am one of the first person that ordered this powerful program and I must say that it is different from the rest, the stories and step by step illustration made it very easy to read and interestingly captivating. I feel like I have been blind for a long time, Chicks Made Easy is an eye opener and like you stated inside – ‘My dating hand book’
– Criag


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Knowing “what” to do is great. Knowing “how” is critical.
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