Cocky Funny…The Best way to Talk to Girls

I just want you to have an understanding of cocky funny and its usage in communication. It is this method of talking that often stirs up attraction.

This is the talking style that helps turn the table around…make it look like she is the one chasing you.

One important thing about cocky funny is the fact that it must be cocky and funny.

If you don’t try this out, you wouldn’t believe how great it is or understand what it does to women.

Let’s say you are talking to a hot girl in a club and she was making funny moves you don’t understand and you say something like, “Hey, I hope you are not planning on taking me home tonight, I am not that easy, why not start by getting me another glass of champagne.”

This is making it look like she is all after you. Then she was like, “No, why are you saying that”… laughing at what you said. It gets them to laugh, taking away the “wuss” attitude from us and presenting a better guy who is funny and probably confident. But some guys would argue it sounds like bragging…read on!! Cocky Funny

You called a pretty girl on the phone, and she suspected that someone else was with you. Then she asks, “Who is there with you?” Ok I want you to understand this, it is the basics of cocky-funny.

There could be no one else in your room but your jealous girlfriend who suspected someone was in and queried. At this point, it is easy to start shrinking, by saying something like, “Honey, you know I can’t be with any other person but you”.

This is a nice guy approach to matters like this. It looks nice and very decent, but a tough guy keep girls guessing at all times by talking cocky funny saying something like, “I am with a very pretty girl who just wouldn’t let go of me.”

Or when a girl asks, “What car you drive?” you could lie and argue all you want or you could simply get tough and say “Why not get serious and stop asking all those childish questions. I would rather you get serious before a hotter girl shows up.”

Let’s say you walked up to a lady and said “hello” and she looked less interested and then you say, “I hope you are not intimidated by my presence.”

“I know you seldom have handsome guys like me talking to you, lets say you won a lottery today,” and she says, “Oh my god, who do you think you are?” You continued, “We can only talk about that if you bribe me with another glass of (whatever drink you like).”

Guy, that is cocky-funny, and there is no better way to grab a lady’s attention. Here, you made it look like she is the one chasing you. You set yourself above her in communication. It is a great first step; it creates expectation within her, the eagerness to know you more, to get more of you.

It often leaves a hard image of you. When you make such statements, she wears those looks that could get you intimidated, the “who do you think you are,” kind of look.

Most of what is thought about chasing women should be tried-out till perfection is attained.

Without trying out this technique, you wouldn’t really know if things like “talking cocky funny” could get a girl to chase you. You don’t need long pages to get convinced. Get into the field and try playing it.

For one week, give compliments, forget cocky funny, tell girls that you can’t do without them, kneel down when you want to give her something, tell them you will be miserable if they leave you, beg her for a kiss. Tell her you can’t sleep without her good night kiss, wash their feet, pamper them the “nice boy” way and then report back to me.

For another one week, scarcely give compliments. Give them the impression that there are other girls trying to come in. Ask if she could die for you; tell her that girls die for handsome guys like you. Tell her that it is custom for the woman to kneel down when accepting anything from the man. Tell her she would work hard to keep you; then observe her response and report back to me.

We need to try out these things to have an elaborate view at what cocky funny talk does to beautiful girls. It is not making a mean, angry statement or warning her seriously, it is a calm way of suggesting the obvious, or how you know it should be, while effectively placing yourself above.

There is no better way to tell her that you are the man. You didn’t walk up to her and say, “Hey Sandy I am the man, I am the one that should be the head and I want you to respect me or this relationship will be over.” You tell a woman how things should be with your daily acts. Try talking and she would tell you that you won’t do more talking than her.

When you ask a lady for her number and she says, “Why not give me yours, I will call you.” You could have said, “No, I know you wouldn’t call, or will you call, alright, I will give it to you but just promise you will call”. Let’s just say you lost another pretty girl.

But if you had said something like, “I know girls are not rich and seldom recharge their phones, and I can’t take another girl flashing me every other minute till my battery went flat” – that’s cocky funny. Or you can say, “Why not give me your number and see how I will call you 50 times in a day because that is all I do, call women, I am jobless.”

I once said that to a girl and she was like, “Alright, forget it, why should I give you my number when you wouldn’t call?” “I never said I wouldn’t call,” I retorted, “Alright, I will try my best” I concluded. “I hate rubbish,” she almost thundered. Then I said, “Well since you are now chasing me, you will definitely get a lot of rubish because I don’t have all the time in the world to play romeo.” “Then this relationship will not work,” she said, in a rather calm way.

I have often used this sentence “I will try my best” to get their expectation high and I always don’t call when they expect me to.

I was once bursting on a lady and she just faced me squarely and said, “Look, I hate nonsense.”

While communicating the cocky funny way, you should always stand tough. Don’t beg; tell her you are the king and she is your queen. Tell her that a queen obeys the king. With this sentence, you lifted her up but not further than normal. It is the best way to compliment, don’t make her feel way out of your league.

Tell her how you seldom talk to girls recently because they bore you with all their “please take me attitude”.

No matter how beautiful she is, when you talk tougher she will always take her rightful position, which is by your side, and not on your head. I just wanted you to have a glimpse of cocky funny as it will be mentioned all over many other pages.

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Most of what is taught about chasing women should be tried-out till perfection is attained