Effective Communication With Women, How to Talk to Ladies

Communication is a very important aspect of a relationship, and it is about knowing what to say at every point in time. It is also the way you said it, the way you coined your language.

I am going to be talking about the different ways to raise the bar of your relationship by communicating effectively with women.

How to talk confidently and the best thing to say in any situation.

She finally agreed to go out with you after probably 3 months of counter motivation.

Now, the problem is what to talk about? Seriously, that could be a problem – What to say. What do I tell her? What should you talk about? Maybe you should ask about her studies or about her parents and work.

How to communicate with women

Many guys switch over to complimenting girls instantly… “Em, you look really pretty to me and at some point I was wondering if you would even accept me” Now, that is a dumb way to start a conversation as you are giving her the impression that she is way out of your league – too bad!!

Then some cold questions like, “Do you tell lies?” “OK, have you lied to your mum before…?” This is complete confusion. Attraction is scarcely triggered with this level of communication.

The best thing to talk about when you are with a lady is a subject matter that is not known to her. Guess her age at forty-plus – get her to shout, and then tell her you thought she was among those that fought in the First World War. Ask if she knew Adolph Hitler.

Ask about what car she drives; ask if she knew the company that made the first car. Tell her about Henry Ford. Ask her the name of the first American president and tell her about A.B Lincoln and T. Roosevelt.

There is no better way to get a girl nervous than talking about what she doesn’t know that she is supposed to know. You are indirectly telling her that she is naughty, and that gets them nervous and women can nervously do anything you ask!!

I forgot to tell you that getting a pretty girl to such positions, puts you on a higher pedestal.

Nervousness makes people feel less than normal. Ok, you are not the English encyclopedia, you don’t know everything but if you know something…at least one thing different – talk about it!

When you walk up to a lady in a bar and say, “Hello dear, you look charming, I really wish you could be mine”, you just sounded like every other guy. I told guys to scarcely make use of compliments. You can safely use compliments when you are several months into a relationship.

Alright, a lady wants to get compliments; they crave it, hunger after it. They get disappointed when they don’t get any.

‘So why not give them what they want?’ you might ask. Do you know the story of the farmer and his daughter? As long as the man withheld the meat, the child kept pursuing. Finally he gave her the meat and then she left with it and ran to the mother.

It is the same with giving compliments. When you do give them to a woman, they feel satisfied. You have accepted that they are very beautiful, and you are now a fan. Don’t you get it?

Oh, you don’t want to believe that’s how they feel and think? Look closer!

Cocky Funny is an aspect of communication that can’t be done away with. It is tough jokes or hard jokes and it gets women thinking. It is coining your sentence in a way that puts you way above her in a funny but serious manner. It is gentle bragging.

Do you know that the ladies do not know anything about us until it is communicated to them? Beautiful women have often been led away with perfectly brewed lies. For example, guys borrow cars from their friends to attract a beautiful lady and it has worked a lot of the time.

But why lie to a woman when you can easily do it in a better way? We may lie at times in order to close a deal or propel an ordeal but it is not the best thing to do.

Tough talking is talking confidently about what you know and are very sure of. Being an effective communicator with women does not happen over-night. You have to work at it over a period of time.

As you try and maybe fail, with time communication with women becomes easier and at some point you will be able to talk to any girl.

I’ve not known any other way to succeed in any venture in life but by trying and trying again

If you want to have effective communication with ladies, the best time to start is immediately. There would be no need for pills to aid you as none have been invented yet. Walk out and start talking to any lady that caught your fancy… don’t wait till the room is less congested or till she is seated. You simply need to say the right things boldly and the game is on.

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