The Power of Confidence In Attracting Women

Women hunger after men that exude a great level of confidence… especially the beautiful ones. Some men are paralyzed at the sight of a pretty lady, and beautiful woman can spot insecurity a mile away in a man.

For a guy, being handsome is a little advantage but it is of insignificant value when it comes to achieving sustainable success with your dating life.

You wonder why some men walk into the room unnoticed while other are welcomed with a staring ovation.

It is standing firm, unwavering, unstartled, not whimpering while talking to a pretty girls. It is standing to ask what the problem is when every one else is scampering. It is having the zest or giving the impression that you are in charge.

Confident guy

Guys tend to dress rather heavy with chains, jewelry, bangles, hoping it would add up but those can only open the door while only confidence walks you through it. Now, here is a tale about me. Initially, like every other guy on the street, I was scared of approaching beautiful girls. I lacked the level of confidence that is needed to creating a gut-level kind of attraction. It seemed my tongue and brains get stuck and frozen at the mere presence of pretty girls.

Then I resorted to the simple, not very beautiful ones I thought they were easier. They would take me as their “one and only” probably because they have limited options and I know I was handsome as some of them said, but it never worked the way I was hoping it would…I was disappointed.

I was forced to learn why it never worked, and I learnt from my failed experiences. I later understood the things I said that I never should have said, I figured the things I did that displayed insecurity. I was forced to improve.

I really wanted to have beautiful girls answer whenever I call but I kept on screwing up my opportunities. There were times I was literally picking up girls and just saying different things…I tried different ways.

I knew I was really not getting it then, but I was determined to succeed. So, I went to the internet, bought books, I started hanging out with guys that are really successful with the ladies. I noticed how unfair they are to these ladies, and wondered why the girls kept coming back.

Then I noticed that beautiful girls don’t stick with the nice guys but instead with tough guys.

Ladies want men that know what they are doing… A man who is less confused. A lady would rather choose a man who says, “this is what is right let’s do it” than the one who gives her options and says “which do we take?” It gives her the impression that you are not in charge

Beautiful women want a man who makes 80% of the decisions and turns out to be right. A beautiful woman cannot trust you with her life or her body when you don’t trust yourself and when she thinks you are not worth it, and you are not worth it when you shiver in her presence.

Women unconsciously test their male admirers, like when you walk into a bar with a lady and she says, ‘Let’s sit there’ – pointing to a particular seat… You can simply follow…then ask what she would like to do next.

OK, you may want to argue this but here you simply behaved like her kid brother. I am not saying that women scarcely make right and decent suggestions but it is better to start calling the shots from the beginning. It beats waking up one morning and realising that you are actually the woman in the relationship.

Women do that a lot… trying to test men. You should have noticed this if you hang out much. Most times I say, “No, let’s sit there” – pointing to another seat probably in a secluded corner, shielded from the prying eyes of the crowd.

Women follow domineering guys… some of the pretty girls may argue this but really, women hang out with lots of domineering bad guys and they somehow love the fact that he is commanding. Seriously, they want someone they would look up to, a tough guy, and not some pleaser.

There has been nothing else that can quickly get a guy to the “good friends list” than buying a luxury lunch and even a take away dinner. It suggests that you are trying to buy her with money; this is unlike confidence.

It suggests we are inefficient, trying to add up by buying things. Don’t you get it? The best you can get when you excessively spend money on a lady is being called a “nice friend”. Believe me, that’s a bad place for any guy romantically interested in a girl to be.

One way to build your confidence when talking to a lady – look into her eyes, not the “you are my angel” kind of look or the lusting type. I mean the “I am the man” kind of look. There is a way you look that displays insecurity, makes you look scared and not good enough. Never give her the impression that you are lusting after her.

You don’t need to be scared of approaching any kind of girl, when you stand as the “man” they will always take their rightful position, but when you are not confident, you give them the opportunity to usurp authority over you.

When you see a woman who is in charge of any relationship, irrespective of how she treats the man, it is simply not her fault, she is just stuck with another lady.

There is just one perfect way to get above all of these. Face your fears… walk out of your comfort zone and try picking girls – pick up lines, talk to them, if you fail, try again. If you tried but were not good enough, keep trying till you are powerful enough to move to tougher ones.

There are lots of pretty girls you may want to start out with in your neighborhood, don’t make it a do-or-die affair – it is not always easy but just try. Trying is the only first step before any success; if you don’t try, you will not learn and you will not succeed until you try.

There is just no magic to building up confidence, sparking up attraction and having a successful relationship except by trying and working it till you succeed.

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