How To Date Pretty Girls

This article is specifically about how to date pretty girls. Most guys get stuck with some girl they really don’t feel attracted to.

Here is the good-news; You can start dating beautiful girls after reading this article.

Learn how to ask out a pretty girl with wild confidence and stop feeling like a wus when a pretty girl shows up.

Several years back I remember sitting close to lots of pretty girls during my high school graduation party and not knowing what to say or how to date pretty girls. At some point I drew close to a girl and said ‘hi’ and she turned around then I lost my cool.

I used to be in such situations a lot in the past, I used to really have problems with dating pretty girls, I used to feel like the odd guy in the crowd. But now I can only think of those moments in retrospect, I believe I have improved drastically even though the transition process wasn’t easy.

Date pretty Girls

I want to be really honest with you here.

First, You have to really aspire to date pretty girls before you can actually date them. At some point in my life I made up my mind to hang out with only pretty girls (I hope you know there are different definitions to ‘PRETTY’, so don’t just think I am drawing a line).

I made up my mind to date only beautiful girls, girls that sort of seem attractive to me.

Prior to this time I have always dated available girls instead of the ones I really desired and here I just want to teach you how to achieve a fantastic result with hot girls. First, like I stated initially you need to really aspire to date nice looking girls before you can actually date them.

And then You have to convince yourself into believing that you are worth dating any girl you chose. Once you are done with the theoretical aspect we can then move into the field of play.

How To Ask Out A Pretty Girl

There is this big difference between beautiful girls and every other girl. Honestly, it is not completely simple to date beautiful girls. They get lots of attention from men, men that are very eager to go out on a date with them. So most often they just get confused.

There are simple ways to ask out a pretty girl and get her to show up. I stated initially that pretty girls get loads of guys that are so eager to hang out with them, so they have to sort of weigh these tons of guys to determine the best among them.

If you are thinking of how to ask out a beautiful girl, I recommend this article – It is comprehensively about How to Ask Out a Pretty Girls, it is one of the most visited article on our site.

Learn About Games Women Play

Beautiful girls have different ways of testing and sieving the men they want to date, Women play lots of games in relationships so if you really want to date them effectively you need to understand this games and grow thick skin.

Why do you think a pretty girl would keep you waiting in a restaurant for hour and keep saying ‘I am on my way,’ some of them would be bold enough to even call after you have probably waited for several hour and tell you that they don’t feel like coming again.

Why do you think women test men and why do they play all of these relationship games? Simple! – To determine the toughest guy in the room. Most guys keep searching all days for sleek and easy ways to date pretty girls, they keep searching for short-cuts.

Men keep trying to bribe girls with gifts and material things just to get them to fall in love. Like I said initially, I want to be honest with you. I have dated lots of women in my life, I started reading and learning about women psychology from birth.

I can tell you authoritatively that gifts and stuff doesn’t get a girl to fall in love, pretty girl or any other girl for that matter, they may get attracted to you or fascinated about you but what really gets a pretty girl to Fall Madly In Love is your level of maturity and capability.

I could put that in some other way – You need to become a real man if you want to date beautiful girls.

I said that Hot Girls Test men in different ways, that they play lots of relationship games. It really doesn’t matter the kind of girl you are dating or your level of maturity, women will always play their games.

What really matter is how you handle this games and tests.

Recently I was supposed to go out on a date with a pretty girl and she canceled a minute to the actual time. What was I supposed to do? Fall down and cry or complain? Would it be proper to beg her over the phone? This is where the attitude of a real man kicks in.

I sent her a text message and complained about how I always get crap from ladies, no! (That would ruin everything) I didn’t do that! but I did send her a text message but not immediately after I got her cancellation call, I said ‘alright,’ I took it easily and dropped the call.

When you do something like that the pretty girl starts wondering why you didn’t get pissed or grill or cry, she would wonder if you have other girls in mind. So just keep her wondering. Ok, I may not be able to go through here with how to handle a canceled date.

Here is a freaking wonderful article on Why A Pretty Girl Would Cancel A Date With You and how to handle a canceled date.

The bottom line is that if you really want to date pretty girls, if you want to be the one that gets the beautiful ones you need to learn to be a real man and you will have to improve your self confidence.

Real men don’t complain when a beautiful girl cancels on them, they don’t grill or complain when she says ‘no,’ they are cocky and funny and know how to start up a stimulating conversation in matter of minutes. If you want to date beautiful girls, You need to be a real man.

And there is no other site in the whole wide world that helps you through the whole transition process, from the little crying (complaining) boy we were born as to a real confident and mature guy.

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