Dating a guy that is double dating when do you call it quits?

by Hot Mess
(Dallas, TX)

I have been seeing a guy for about 5 months. He is 42, fit, cute fun and I really enjoy our time together. He is recently divorced from a 5 yr unhappy marriage and I 32 am recently out of an unhappy 10 relationship.

He did not want to settle down but we became close and the sex is amazing. I was not bothered so much when he would date random other girls but recently he has started seeing a 27 yr old very cute girl.

He calls us his two girlfriends. I had been his favorite and would get to see him 3 to 4 nights a week but in the last few weeks it has flipped and he is spending more time with the other girl. He still calls and texts and wants to spend time with me and says that even though the other girl is giving him pressure to stop seeing me he will not.

I am unfortunately very into him and am getting hurt on a weekly basis as he has started breaking dates with me.

Of course being the girl I am I figure he will get tired of her and decide I am the one for him but am I being too optimistic? Is it time to run the other direction?

If I do will he miss me and follow? We are friends and we help each other out and I am also afraid of loosing that part of our relationship. Please help I am a hot mess!!

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Dating a guy that is double dating when do you call it quits?

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When To Call it Quits When He is Double Dating
by: Dave Anan

honestly, I admire your courage. I can’t imagine dating a guy that is so bold to flaunt his polygamous lifestyle at your face with very little regard for your feelings and emotion.

I could say he is simply dragging the two of you, he is just the player kind and if you would take my candid advice as a coach, I would say take the next direction if you find any.

I understand that you like him and you two share a lot in common but believe me, he is more interested in sleeping with the two of you. most guys do that a lot – some guys are like default programmed that way and no matter what you do, it would only be minutes before he runs into a more pretty girl.

If you see any viable opportunity, take it but until then, I think he will only come around when the other girl is not dishing it out to him and he would come just for the sex part.

If you enjoy the sex and can get involved without getting emotionally attached go for it, that is almost the only thing he would offer you. but here is my honest and christian mind advice – look elsewhere!

If he is rally interested in the “long term” he wouldn’t do anything that could jeopardize the possibility.

So tell me what you think.

When to Call it Quits With A Double Dating Boyfriend
by: Dave Anan

I do think there is a slight possibility that he may run back to you, that is if the relationship with the other girl fails and he is stuck alone with himself.

but that is not enough to count on, considering the fact that he is recently divorced, he may never be the decent husband you would want him to be.

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by: Jerome

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It is the most simple way to get your guy to run back to you. Do you wanna hear it??

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