Dating For Men…Every Man’s Guide to Dating Success

If the issue of dating for men must be properly addressed, then a lot needs to be talked about. Men desire total success with women, we want to be able to chase them, get them and we also want to know what it takes to keep women.

Let’s start with the question how do we get women?

Several guys would argue that it takes good dress, good trimmed kind of communication and all those, straight-cut, over-featured attitude to get women.

But I think getting women goes beyond facial look, good dress and the ability to communicate effectively.

We want to know how to walk into a club and pick a girl successfully, we want to know what to say to a girl on our first date or simply how to turn our best friend to our girlfriend. We want to know who and how to have a perfect date on home coming, and at the end we want to spend the rest of our life with someone we love.

Some guys are able to get many while some are not able, so many guys want to hit on their shape, or size, often many guys complain about their height. A guy sent me a mail recently complaining about how he works hard to keep a girl.

Dating for man

And how they just won’t always want to stick with him, he does everything possible to get and keep girls, – buy them thing, look out for them, the “nice guy way,” Tell them how good and how sweet they look, take them to his family, and these girls still leaves.

To some, It is just being able to get women, to other it is keeping them, why to many it is getting women to love them. If we want to talk about dating for men, Many topic and even sub-topics need to be treated. One guy needs to know how to get his girlfriend to smile, some other guy wants to know how to attract women While others as silly as it appears want to know stuff about sex. All of this are dating for men. They are what men want.

Getting and keeping women involves an inner game, it requires the right kind of attitude and effective communication. It has very little to do with your looks and size or whatever impediment you think you have, it requires a positive attitude, a winning mindset. I want you to be able to get any girl you want, I want you to be the man they always want to go home with, I can give you the key, you need to try them out.

Women are not really as tough as they appear, sometimes every guys is scared of approaching a particular beautiful girl sometimes we just think they are already taken, we always give up without trying. Don’t you know that most extremely pretty girl end up with a bad looking guy, our problem is mustering the drive to try! Yes, many guys just don’t try out their opportunities some are scared of being rejected. Great help here about – fear of rejection

Lets talk about keeping girls. Dating for men extends to being able to keep her. Yes, you’ve known about pick up line and understood all about getting girl, this is keeping girls. There must be something fascinating about you before any girl would contemplate putting up with you. This is the simple reason why those guys that work hard, buying gifts and calling names don’t actually keep women; they pass off as a “wuss” some kind of a looser, who is trying to buy his way through. That’s how a women sees and over-pleasing, over complimenting boyfriend.

Women stick to men. Men make decision, they don’t just follow around, they lead. I always say this, and I am going to say it again I guess it is the best way to put it. “If you want to get women and keep them, cut out the ever-pleasing, “please take me” kind of attitude stop begging women to take you, start giving them the impression that you have something to offer, that is what gets them to chase you, it gets them to stick with you, and being that man is one of the toughest aspect of dating for men. This is more on that – Attracting girls

See this communication pattern that gets women looking at you, then looking again – cocky funny – dating for men. dating for men goes deeper than we can ever imagine, success with women is a lifestyle not a miracle, it don’t just happen, you learn to work it out, you look out for the essential ingredients that make it work. Then you apply them, when they fail, you try again, then try more.

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