Dating older Women….What it takes

Young guys Dating older women had been an issue for quite a long time now, I’d received questions from folks that are eying an older lady in the office or an older course mate.

what ever the case may be, we all at one time or another had been presented with a beautiful older lady we wished we could take on, wondering whether they would agree to go out with us, if they would even pick our calls

Considering the obvious that she is older than you, with up to ten years or more richer or more tougher than you.

OK, I am looking for a way to put this. Women generally, do not care much about our age, what they do care about is your level of maturity.

And like my friend wrote it on a piece of paper attached to the wall of his office.

“Maturity is not a matter of age, height or size but the attainment of wisdom and gains of experience with proper management of everyday happenstance and every minute occurrences”.
Alright, I added a few to it but that is just the situation. Dating older women involves a lot of maturity and confidence attached to it. Dating older women

If you walk up to a rich older lady and sounded like a man, she would definitely respond like a woman.

You wouldn’t expect her to go on her knees before you, when you are shivering at her present.

Women, especially the beautiful one, irrespective of their age and height, look out for something thick and tough about a man they go for the men of substance, the confident fellow and I know it doesn’t take much money to look confident.

A friend argued that all women, including the young and old have almost the same mindset, the urge and the eagerness to be cared for, love, appreciated….

And I went with him. all women look up to a man, OK, some say they are independent and I believe it is possible but somewhere within the confines of their inner heart still lay the longing, that hunger for a support, a man.

I mean a man, not a boy that is all it takes to dating older women. Learn to take control, don’t get scared at her presence guess her age below yours and and tell her that a man is a man, and a woman answers to a man -that’s boldness, it helps.

Make good decisions not shivering statements, OK, they look up to your brains, not your body stature or age.

You do not need any sort of training to start dating older women, though some “trying” is required. the main and only idea is to treat her exactly the way you will treat a younger lady, putting out that fear at the pit of our stomach which constantly remind us the age difference, for it is hardly an issue.

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