Dating – Why is she acting this way

by Vincent

I have known this sales girl who came to my office last month.She really pretty and capture my eyes.She did give me her service quotation with a name card attached.

The following day I message her for a date and she agreed to meet one week later.The first date we went for a dinner and a movie and after the movie I ask her for a drink but she refused.

She insists to go home instead.I did drop her off and when I was on my way home,I did message her and call her but she never reply and answer my call.

I ask her whether she is angry and later part she told me she is not.So 2 days later I msn her whether can we meet again and she reply No but the amazing thing is she remind me that we have a meeting on 7th Apr for dinner and I agreed.

The next day she txt my handphone and greet me good morning and I did not retrieve the MSG and later part I saw it.During my work,she msn me to tell me that she cannot make it on 7th Apr for dinner.I ask her whether she wants to reschedule and she said why not we meet for lunch instead.

So my second date was we went out lunch together and can tell she enjoy it very much.About few days later I txt her to meet for lunch on 5th Apr and she said sure.So again we have lunch at jacks place and during our lunch while we were having our lunch,I fed her my steak and chicken and she ate it.

So during our conversation she keeps looking at my eye and can tell she likes me.Also later part she fed me her food using her spoon and ask me whether I want to drink her melon juice.

Later we were having tea and she txt me saying the tea is very nice.But when i call her she did not pick up the phone.Why????She will only answer my call when we cannot find each other and other than that when I call her she will not answer my call or even at times when I txt her sometimes she will txt back or may not.

I remember texting her one day to greet her Good night & Sweet dream and she did reply me back the same MSG.

But she always noticed what I leave a short note on my Msn.Can you please comment on this issue what’s she is up to??

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Dating – Why is she acting this way

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why she could be acting weird NEW
by: Dave Anan

There is really nothing unusual
about your pretty girlfriend’s behavoir,
she is just exhibiting the normal
character of a single lady,
she is just spicing up the whole
affair with the usual game of
‘Hard to get’ it makes them feel good

BTW: she really likes you

Hard To Get – How Do You Mean NEW
by: Vincent

Hi Dave Anan

Thank you for yr comment.Well appreciated.
You did mentioned that this girl is playing hard to get game.

After our lunch meeting,she txt me the tea is very nice(What does means)
After receiving her txt on this issue,I did told her I am going overseas for business trip for
about 2 weeks and I am going to miss her but still got no reply since last thurs?

Since you said she likes me then why there wasn’t any text of encouragement from her?I was hoping that she will txt me she will miss me too but did not happen?
Also she did told me she prefer to meet me for lunch rather than dinner but I was quite upset becoz I want to meet her for dinner becoz dinner is more like a date to me rather than lunch.

Actually I have this urge of holding her hand but I am worry she might me.What is yr adv?
Lastly I was thinking of not texting or calling her since she did not reply or call me back and also I want her to miss me?Perhaps 2 weeks don’t text or call her?Do you think she will think or miss me??Do you think she will text or call me one day??

I sincerely hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you

Hard to get games women play NEW
by: Dave Anan

Hello Vin, I hope you find the
conversation continued here.

You have made a couple of
mistakes, everybody does the same
at the biggining while for some
it take a lifetime before they discover.
Don’t call or text her I will
give you a detailed free advice
within the next six hours.

Use the ‘add comment’ link below
when you see this reply

Why Women Play Hard To Get NEW
by: Dave Anan

Hello Vincent,
I promised to get back to you within six hour,

How would you like to have all your questions answered in a very simple and straight manner, it is damn easy to get lost on the route to a relationship bliss.

Most guys often wonder why Girls Play Relationship Games, why they wouldn’t just hand out their numbers the exact minute you ask or why she wouldn’t reply to all your text messages or call you back as agreed.

Vincent, it would be easier to just say that women play ‘hard to get’ but it just doesn’t end there, that probably wouldn’t answer your many questions. The more you try to understand women or threat them well in the hope for a positive outcome, the more complicating they become

Your best shot at advanced dating is via my Newsletters, the testimonies are proof enough! not worth missing!

Hard to get NEW
by: Vincent

Hello Anan

Hope i will get your full adv within the 6 hours.

Thank you

Hard to get NEW
by: Vincent

Hello Anan

Hope i will get your full adv within the 6 hours.

Thank you

Why Women Play Hard To Get NEW
by: Dave Anan

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good luck,

Dave Anan

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