Dealing with fear of rejection when approaching women

by Dave Anan

This is a comprehensive article on how to handle rejection from women or how to deal with the fears of rejection while approaching girls.

This is one major reason why most men just want to stay off women. they’ve sort of concluded they can’t make it, they foresee failure before they make the first move. they think they are less than the kind of men that really date pretty girls, they consider beautiful girls to be way over their league

Some guys just give up because they failed the other day, they just can’t stand the probability that they may fail again so they stopped trying.

The fear of rejection…, how does it happen? When you see a beautiful girl you can either walk up to her and start up a stimulating conversation or you can just hang in there thinking about yesterday’s failed experience, what if she says no.

It is very easy to give up, it is the easiest thing in the world to do, frankly.

First, lets analyze fear of rejection and actual rejection, you know they are different. lets say you walked up to a girl and tried every method you’ve learned, said all you knew about pick up lines, acted confidently and she remained silent or just said “I am not interested. no beating, no slapping no “back off looser” just a simple “I am not in the mood” what do you do? I’d rather smile and walk away.

Most guys that are successful with women are synonymous with such scenarios they’ve learned to manage and control it like nothing happened, we laugh over it then knock on the next door this is actual rejection

But the fear of rejection carries with it a heavy responsibility. you saw a pretty girl, you had the opportunity of bringing her in but you had a second thought, “what if she slaps me” people are watching you just can’t stand it. “god!” you cried, “I would’ve approached her if we are just alone” that is often the situation. We are always waiting for a safe heaven to make the move.

now that is fear of rejection, he goes home wishing he had tried. At some point it begin to dawn on you that you keep making the same mistake… That you keep missing out, then you feel like you are stuck alone in no man’s land. This is the actual fear of rejection but the good news is that you can learn to handle it. The only way to handle this and all form of relationship phobia is to make the move anyway. Yes! make it any how, try the first day, if you fail, try the next day and by so doing you would become tough in no time

This is the difference between the fear of rejection and actual rejection

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Dealing with fear of rejection when approaching women

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Sep 02, 2011
Great Info!
by: JT

I deal with this on a daily basis in my work as a dating coach, and I really like your post.
Dealing with rejection from women is something guys really need to focus on in order to improve the quality of their dating (and everyday) life. It?s inevitable that we?re going to get rejected, it?s how we deal with it that counts. I wrote a post on the subject on my blog, you can check it out here

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