Do Women like inexperienced guys?

by Jade

I would be 22 by next month, still clean i(f u know what i mean) with no experience of being in a relationship. Is that a turn off for pretty girls?

I work out, eat healthy, dress casual. I’m just kind of nervous around girls. and desperately need some guide to handling girls. I figured some girls like inexperienced men, they take them to be so innocent and clean but it kinda bore the beautiful girls around me and I can always live with not being able to say or do what i planned to do once she is one sight.

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Do Women like inexperienced guys?

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I thinks the answer would be Ye! sorry
by: Dave Anan

It happens to every guy at the initial stage, not knowing where to start and don’t take it personal.
learning to chase girls, the complete transformation
from a “wuss” to the “real man” take time to happen and you have to really want to change before you can change.

If you are asking whether “inexperience” is a turn off for pretty girls, I know it sure is, but the good news is that you could learn to stand up, much practice is required, I will direct you to some other pages but just reading them wouldn’t solve your problem, what would is trying them, learn to “try” there is no better shot at success!

You would really want to start from confidence build your inner power then check out First Date Ideas

yes! inexperienced men are not attractive to women in some ways
by: Anonymous

I would definitely support The dating coach on that
yes, it take a lot to be very successful with women
and you’ve got to think clearly.

re: Do women like inexperienced guys?
by: Anonymous

The inexperienced guys often turn women off, it happens all the time though about 10percent of all girl would understand you are simply shy and would want to put up with you For more details guide see this other question Seem like inexperienced guys are not attractive to hot girls.

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I most confess that your articles have transformed my life tremendously, not just in terms of women but in having a confident, positive & satisfactory life in general. – From IK

Never tend to avoid break up or try to sustain a relationship with more money, gifts or service

Most of what is taught about chasing women should be tried-out till perfection is attained