Do you Think High School Dating would affect my grades?

There is this girl in my school that I like very much and she likes me too. but we are not dating yet because I have this thought that it could deal a great blow on my study and it would affect her too the bond between us is becoming stronger by the day recently we hugged so passionately but we are kinda scared of going further

My parents instilled this ideas in me that high school dating would definitely affect my grade and every thing else. though, I kind of doubt this and I think about her a lot, yes, I know that education is the priority, and girlfriends and other friends comes second.

I am a grade 10 straight A student, and she is one too And I think her coming into my life would be more of and asset than a liability.
I would really need some help on how to go about this and also how to fill in my parents and get them to understand

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Do you Think High School Dating would affect my grades?

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Education or my girlfriend!
by: Jerome

I pretty much think it wouldn’t if you know any thing about time management, you don’t do your reading twenty four hour in a day, When I was in you situation I made out time for every thing and it went pretty well. And if you think she is as studious as you are you can learn to do most things together. As much as this is my candid opinion I would also want you to quote you right when you said education first, then friends and girlfriends.

If you think you can’t hold those two together then you can let go of that hot girl, I know from experience that you would stumble on the hotter ones as you move a head. they are always every where.

Does High School Dating Effect my Grades
by: Tony

High school dating can harm your grades if you are not careful about it, the lots of jamboree involved in dating especially in teenage dating is not too healthy for someone who really want to make good grades.

But if you have self control and if you are able to draw the line and not cross it, then you can have it and take it. Love is just a complication that needs to be deciphered by men who got the time for it.

More on whether high school dating affects your grades – See Dating Tips For Realmen Hompage

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