Does She like Me… How to Know

Does she like me… even when she is playing hard to get?? Are you worried and depressed with the thought of losing her?? Are you really confused and wondering if she ever liked you?? does it seem like she is playing games?? Many guys have probably run into a girl who practically plays lots of Girl Games, almost every girl does that.

Does she like me... How do I Know

So most guys are wondering whether a girl still like a guy if she plays “hard to get” and my answer would be “yes,” so just go home and sleep well and don’t try to fake anything to get back her attention, just be your authentic self.

But come to think of it, how much do you know about women games and body languages?? Do you still find it hard coping with girls? Do you want to get on top of the game?? you can achieve better success with women and date the right kind of girl you want if you can be able to anticipate their next move.

Girls are cautious of the impression they leave behind… they hardly want to be perceived as being desperate even though they are dying to have you.

Why don’t girls hand out their numbers the first minutes you ask, why don’t they just say “I will go” when you ask them out?? because they don’t want to appear desperate… even the most wild of girls still play this games of “hard to get,” So does that mean she doesn’t like you?? No. How else do you want her to keep feeling on top, women like to feel on top.

Does she like me?? Are you still wondering?? There is a stage you get to with women that you wouldn’t be moved irrespective of how many games they feel like playing, surely it would likely come up.

When you approach a girl and manage to get her number in matter of minutes, do you know why she wouldn’t likely rush out if you call and ask her out the next day?? She wouldn’t want to give you the impression that she is totally into you. They feel guys treat them like trash when they seem really cheap and I don’t think they are wrong.

Does She Like Me If She Turned Me Down

It depends on the occasion, If you asked for a date and she turned you down, it doesn’t mean she is not into you… If you got her number in a matter of minutes or called her like ten times in the past twenty four hours then I certainly know why she developed cold feet.

You are the one showing off desperation. I stressed that Self Confidence should be one of the pillars of a relationship, when you throw yourself on her like one looser looking to burden someone else… you lose her.

There are so many reason why a girl would say “no” when you ask her out – See how to Ask Her Out the perfect way.

The thing is… you can always turn the table around and be the king in the relationship, I do suppose that is within your realm of possibilities.

I met a girl once and instantly lost control… then I called her like five times in twenty-four hour and sent about two messages and almost turned her off…, she didn’t reply any of the messages and I was worried that I was losing her. So does she like me still or is she fallen out of the love circus?? What should I do to get her back in place??

Do I need to be worried?? no, it happens a lot of time and I expect you to just watch and learn whenever you notice a girl playing hard to get, you don’t need to be stressed up or panic she would most likely come back around if you play your own bit of hard-to-get.

So I stopped calling for like a day and she still did not call back, then after few hours my phone started ringing endlessly… the table is turned, I pretended like I don’t care anymore and she really want to make sure she is not losing me.

So I didn’t pick her call the first and second time and guess what happened the third time, she showed up in my office… she stormed in like she was on a business assignment, actually I was chatting with a colleague outside and she said “come here” with a commanding tone and I stalled a bit, then walked in and she said “what happened??” then I said ” I have been a little busy but I know I am still gonna call you” and she was like “are you sure” I said I keep my words and she smiled away, definitely back in love.

So does she like me still when she plays all the girl games?? Yes.

Does she like Me Or Am I Being Used??

I wouldn’t totally write off the facts that girls could just use u either to get another guy jealous or to get over someone else and when the guy pops back into their life they leave you in shambles. So here are real signs to know if a girl likes you or she is just using you to get attention.

Signs to Know If She Likes You??

Does it feel like you are being used? If a girl likes you, she must be sort of interested in what you do and your life in general, she just shouldn’t put up a show at some point and look the other way another time. Have you ever met a girl who likes flirting with you in the open but wouldn’t pick your call and wouldn’t want any sort of connection with you? And wouldn’t come out when you ask her out?

I call them the Wonder Girls, and they are everywhere they are self centered and don’t give a damn about how you feel, they want you to play it their own way and threaten to leave you if you don’t, often they are beautiful and really understand the art of seduction.

When you meet a girl like that, you don’t need to ask “does she like me?” just know you are on the wrong road and the only thing to do is “turn right” It is very hard to steer away from the web of the wonder girls when you get trapped but with more tips you can always do well with women.

Does she like me?? still wondering?? – Build Your Self Confidence

Does She Like Me? What To Do

When next you are stressed up wondering if a pretty girl likes you OR just trying to mess up your emotions there is just one thing to do… ask her, how? Find a way to get close enough then ask her. Hey, you don’t need to walk up to her and say “do you like me” that would be awkward, the idea is to bring her close enough where you can observe her body movements and attitude toward you.

And where else would you get that kind of space? – On a date, so guy, Ask Her Out, clear your head go “hello Jane, let’s get together on Saturday for a cup of lemonade” is she pleased?? It is easy to know if a girl likes you, just pull her a little bit close and OBSERVE. but I guess that is the hard part, you will be fine!

You need to do this if you If you want more girls to like you – Build Your Self Confidence Learn How To Date pretty Girs – Sucess guaranteed!

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