Does This Mean She Likes Me?

by Derec

I was in a class and this girl who also happened to be my classmate walked up to me and sat beside me, we got talking until a teacher interrupted us. and my question is – does this mean she likes me or is she just being friends. and 2 she started the conversation.

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Does This Mean She Likes Me?

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What Women want
by: Dave Anan

There are several reasons why a girl would want to seat with you. if you are asking whether she likes you, well I would say yes because nobody walks up to anybody and start a conversation if they don’t like them. She just invited you into her friendship circle, you can choose to extend it or just loose her. sometimes when a pretty girl fall for a handsome guy and she perceives the guy is not yet ready to approach her, she make those kind of curly move to further showcase her interest. It is an invitation so take it or she would feel you just can’t read women and you are done! More insight here about about what women want — Does this mean she likes me?

Does this mean she likes me?
by: Salmone

There are many ways to know if a girl likes you, you can figure all that out if you know a little bit about women body languages, but the best way to find out if through conversation.

You don’t need to keep wondering, make the first move… ask her out, and see how she feels. for more insights see this page – Does She Like Me

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