Eying Another Girl? Learn to Make Her Fall in Love with you

wondering how to make any girl fall in love? If there is a pretty girl that has been messing up your brains… some pretty face you can’t seem to get off your mind; she’s been setting your body ablaze with those perfectly sculptured figure.

A view from behind gets your head to spin And you’ve been wondering how to get her for yourself,

or lets say she is friends with you and you are thinking of getting closer and for months you’ve wondered if it is ever possible

I get such question everyday, about a guy being friends with the hottest girl in the neighborhood and the girl said “I like you, but I can’t love you.”

It’s possible to get any girl to fall in love with you, old friend, new girl, anybody! Irrespective of age differences, social status or position,

Personally I wouldn’t promise you would have a smooth sail in the cause of getting any girl to fall for you

Fall In love

I would give you a detailed guide which if followed, would land both of you on the same bed. yep! This method works almost whenever it is applied, many had used it to convert “just friends” to girlfriend.

It is a hundred percent proven techniques to making her fall in love, And the better news is that you can make any girl fall for you.

Follow this simple technique and get her “day dreaming” about you

Get tough and rugged

Get rugged, tough and responsible. I searched the internet and dictionaries and finally came out with a phrase synonymous with being responsible; it is “being in charge/control.” You want to get any girl to fall in love with you the “head over hill” kind of falling,

Get tough, learn to take care of things, have a mind of your own, be disciplined – A little

entertain all thoughts but choose what is right.

I once said that a beautiful girl would rather stick with the guy who said “this is what is right, let’s do it” than the guy that give her options and ask “which do we take?”

We guys often treat beautiful girls with some level of cautiousness; we are often scared of scolding them when they go over the line, wondering if such actions would piss them off, here is an interesting tale on what really Piss Women Off

The attitude of a Real man doesn’t turns women off if you apply it with some reasonable amount of seriousness, like grabbing her hand and saying “walk with me” then just dragging her along like your little kid, not frivolously though, but this show you are in control, and don’t tell me “she likes doing it her own way” because I know girls somehow stick with men that have a firm grip on things…

I hope you know what I mean??

If you want to get girls to fall for you, If you want to get them to fall in love, be a man, women are often attracted to men, I seldom hear of boys. The only difference between a man and a boy is the ability of the former to make a stand alone decision.

The kind that stands the test of time.

Have a Heart

Have a heart, show some love, I know this could easily switch any guy back to the “nice guy mood.” I wish it wouldn’t. However, there is a difference between playing games and getting serious, they are often contradicted, Some guys would want to argue that they’ve never played games, But I know that relationship games are as old as dating itself

There are times we should get serious, I told guy never to compliment ladies, that talking

Cocky and Funny

will make a girl to desire you secretly for you. And as much as this things are so, the exception is a when you are dealing with your everyday girlfriend.

Give some compliments, like “hey, you look good on that,” – talking about her dress. “I definitely have good sense for choosing women” that’s a compliments but it still kept you standing. Unlike – “you look very beautiful on that, You mean the whole world to me, I wouldn’t survive a day without you” – this lifted her above you, like you are worthless

Call responsibly.

If you want to make her fall in love, any girl, call her once in two days, or you can get her to fall faster in love by calling every day. Call responsibly, not like calling every 7 pm, there is nothing that wows! a new girl like not knowing what you will do next

or how you will do it, Ok, I am not asking that you build a boundary, but a bit of surprise adds to your game.

And when you do call, make it snappy, don’t spend all day crying,! Singing the national anthem over the phone, don’t spend the whole day complimenting or complaining to her. It is normal for guys to loose their mind when talking to a hot girl over the phone.

they find themselves making unnecessary comments, I mean losing their minds completely, then they resort to compliments or ask questions about her family members “Hey, how is your parents and your younger brother, is he back from school, remember you told me….,” and they keep on babbling forgetting the main issue.

I learned to attack girls each time I make a call, say something like, “hey, let me guess what you’ve been doing all day,” “what,” she asks ” you’ve lying on your bed all day thinking about me” Ok at first I was scared of statements like that, I thought, I wasn’t supposed to say such things

But with time I learned it is what get them yearning secretly for me, it gets them to fall in love more easily, it gets them wondering, “who does he think he really is, I guess I am going to find out with time” it keeps them going, and you are not apologizing for such comments, too many apologies in a relationship often result to a wreck.

Our problem is that many a guy would rather reverse the sentence like, “hello love, guess what I’ve been doing all day” “what?” she would often retort, ” I’ve been on my bed all day thinking about you.”

I wouldn’t spend my scarce time hammering further on where such statement would take you.

Flirt a Little more

Flirtation is an act that brings you a little more closer, there is no better way to get girls looking your way. When a beautiful girl is interested in you, 80% of the time, they wouldn’t tell you though they would behave it, but more is that they would be looking up to you to make the first move or give them a sign. OK, the different between a boyfriend and just friend is getting physical – sex. (You may want to argue that but it is true)

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Flirtation gets you talking and acting like her boyfriend while you are yet in the ‘friends zone’.

How does a boyfriend act? I mean a real boyfriend Put a call through to her and say, “Hey run over to my house lets play hide and seek,” invent a new game and call it “love game” ask her to play the “love game” with you.

Get her creeping out and thinking, “This guy is really going far, isn’t he suppose to just be a friend” then tell her it is just a table game that though could lead to wild love…you are flirting, you are walking out of your comfort zone and frankly, You need to learn to spice up your game a little if you really want to get pretty girl to fall madly in love with you!

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