First Date Ideas For Young People

Chris was searching for first date ideas when he stumbled upon my site and got addicted. He was 18 , viral and in high school then.

He was about to make that first move and was searching every where for ‘how to give the pretty girl a mind-tumbling sweet first date experience, he wanted her to stick by all means.

He had been involved in some class-talks with a particular girl, as it appears. He was just growing up and trying to mix up with his peers, trying to get-even and to blend with the society which leaves a girl for every guy, he was trying so hard to spice up his attitude.

He wanted his own girlfriend and he wanted to take her out for the first time. He almost tore the internet apart searching for first date ideas and finally, he asked me for advice.

Below is his mail, ‘unedited.’

“Hello Dave, I’ve been following your site for weeks now, it’s really been helpful, especially for us growing ones. I am eighteen yrs old, and I really need your advice.

There was this hot chick that developed a thing for me. She was in my house last week Saturday, but my mum wouldn’t leave us alone – let’s not talk about that.

The issue is that, she is not really the first to develop such feelings for me but it seems I always find a way to mess things up.

I think I really like her and would appreciate any help or advice one how to give her a memorable first date” we would be hanging out together for the first time tomorrow, Thanks Coach.

Chris, NY

He was specifically looking for first date ideas; he wanted to impress her, give her that once in a lifetime, unforgettable first date experience.

I thought that was simple and would have gone singing my normal anthem, Get Confident, Get The Right Attitude, Learn The Proper Use of Compliments

But there were more to it. He was trying to impress her, which definitely is not a good first move.

I gave him more first date ideas. I once said that guys often tend to dress rather heavy with chains and bangles, hoping it would add up or impress her more or make them appear tougher, but really, it doesn’t. Okay, they could open the door, but they won’t walk you through it.
So the best is the simplest

Confidence gives you more girls than bangles and diamond wrist watches.

First Date Ideas

He doesn’t need to spend all his savings on the new girl just to impress her. Make it simple, two bottles of coke would do. Simplicity portrays confidence.

Making simple, firm decisions show that you know what you are doing – which is a vital tool in keeping a girl.

Any decent eatery, restaurant, cafe, even cinemas and your sitting room would do. Don’t spend all you’ve got on a posh hotel just to impress her, it is a weak first step.

And lastly

Don’t think about getting physical yet, there could be some kisses, except you are out with the wild type. Take it easy; all of it crawls back to us. She wouldn’t say – ‘please Chris take me’, she would want to keep her dignity.

Pestering a fresh girl for sex on the first day would easily turn her off, giving her the impression that you are ill-experienced and I know you wouldn’t really want to be called immature. Have I told you about how pretty girls avoid desperate guys? Well desperation turns off more girls than looks.

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I most confess that your articles have transformed my life tremendously, not just in terms of women but in having a confident, positive & satisfactory life in general. – From IK

Never tend to avoid break up or try to sustain a relationship with more money, gifts or service

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