Flirting Tips for Men… Practical Flirtatious Steps

Flirting tips for men…a guy’s guide to flirting with women, doing it successfully in order to build a rock solid relationship instead of just being friends with a hot girl for ages.

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So what is flirtation? It can be simply defined as exceeding a limit or crossing the line, and still being accepted.

It is an indirect way of relaying your aspiration or bargaining for something better than just being friends for ages

You just can’t walk up to a girl and tell that you don’t just want to be friends with her any longer or that you want to switch over to being her boyfriend

This techinque has never worked before and wouldn’t likely start with you… sorry! hence the birth of flirtation for men

I repeatedly hear the stories of guys that are friends with a pretty but wants to switch over. Recently, I received this question from a guy:

I have been friends with this girl for months, and every time I talk about going out or try getting close, she reminds me that we are just friends and nothing more. Recently it is becoming more difficult, and I am getting more attracted to her by the day.

How do I change this? I mean, I want her to be my girlfriend, and I am wondering if it is even possible. Please help!

There are several other questions similar to this, and guys are wondering how to get closer in their relationships.

What then is the essence of flirting?

Flirtation is indirectly telling a girl that you are not just friends with her. We are going to look at this from two angles: bad flirting habits and useful, good flirting tips for men. flirting tips for guys

If you run into a new girl or go out on a first date, and start off by asking about her parents, siblings, studies, and other lame questions every five minutes, and then nod your head while she talks for the next minute like a job interview,

it will quickly become boring and make you seem like just a nice guy. Showing yourself off as a nice guy at the beginning of a relationship keeps you being a nice guy for the rest of the relationship.

Personally, I think it is boring to simply be friends with a hot girl, as you see everything without ever getting closer than that – it’s mind wrenching!. What more can a man take? This is starvation in disguise, and it can be properly inverted, if you learn the communication style and the attitude that works.

Some of the first flirting tips for men: back off the nice-guy attitude and get a bit cocky. Stop giving her compliments, and show you have little time for her. Attraction techniques works wherever they are applied, and your main objective is to make her attracted to you; on a gut-level kind of attraction, and the type that gets her to do anything just to get to you.

It works whenever the button is pushed, and you can for example make a funny joke with her in a way that suggest she didn’t do something well.

So why wouldn’t she want you to touch her? She thinks you can’t take it, as you seem so happy when she say just “hi.” You act ok with everything she does, and invariably you are satisfied with what you are getting.

That makes her feel accomplished, and that is the end of it. Girls stop giving when you act satisfied, and this point needs to be understood.

Go For What You Want

This is Flirting Tips for Men: if you want to take control, want to start getting girls, and want her to give more, then don’t behave like you are fine with what she is already giving. This is why bad boys are hitting it while the nice guys aren’t. They tell girls that they are not enough, and they get them to feel the same is true, then the girls are compelled to give more.

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