How To Make A Girl Jealous

This is how to get girls jealous… Do you really think it is even necessary? Some guys think getting a girl jealous is a pretty lame thing… Some think it can turn her off but from my knowledge, what turns women off is entirely different from what we think. How do you keep a woman standing on her toes? What could make a girl buckle up if not another women??

If you can get your girlfriend jealous, you can control her emotions and you can keep her.

I have said it over a million times that women are not interested in “lonely guys” It is paramount to get girls jealous in a relationship

It takes a lot to keep a beautiful girl, it takes more than looks or height, it takes a proper knowledge of how women reacts to certain things, how they make choices and how they make decisions. There are several ways to create jealousy in women.

There is a certain point I want to drive through here – it is the fact that creating jealousy in women, getting your girlfriend jealous makes them buckle up. Giving women the impression that there are others who would readily grab you if they as little as mess up gets them working hard. Now, I said giving them the “impression” not walking up to her and saying “hey’ there are lots of other girls that would readily take me if you as little as mess up” well, that could work if arranged in a cocky funny way.

How to get girls jealous

But real men are known to speak only by action. To get girls Jealous… flirt with other girls while she is watching you, compliment other girls as well, OK, there are good ways to build up jealousy and there are also bad ways to do that.

In relationships everything should be done with some level of cautiousness, while creating jealousy, don’t make it look like you are really working hard to get her jealous

don’t let her read you every step on the way… that is a bad move in relationship, some guys just read it out the way they saw it on the internet…without missing as little as a period.

To succeed with women you need to learn what to do and do it your own style.

To get girls jealous; leave in the middle of a conversation and go talk to others… if she complains, it is EXPECTED, you are getting her jealous. this options are necessary in dire situations, you don’t walk off every time you are having a conversation… That would get her really paranoid, it would look like a planed strategy to simply get her angry… now, that is a bad way to create jealousy

The beauty of a relationship is doing things in different ways at different times. When you follow a plainly laid out routine, you will always loose girls.

Women like guys with some sort of unique attitude women like men that have a mind of their own and somehow they like chasing the guys they can’t get, leaving the ones that are ever present.

The MOST important reason for getting a woman jealous is to let her know that she is important but not irreplaceable, it is telling her indirectly that there are other girls that would hurriedly grab you if she couldn’t meet up… that is the simple reason for creating jealousy in women…that is why we get girls jealous.

Some guys acts strictly to avoid getting jilted; they refuse to talk to other girls when they are with their supposed girlfriend.

They sort of work so hard not to be caught talking to another girl but these are opportunities created naturally for your proper utilization to the success of your relationship. OK, lets try something out…get a new girl and start acting like the everyday wus, don’t talk to other women when you are with her, don’t flirt with girls, if they call your phone don’t pick or find a way to shake it off then record how long she would put up with the lonely you.

Or do what I did – I met a pretty girl and by all means I wanted her to stick, so I got to apply a force to make it work. so at first I told her that I like her in those smart 1 minute conversation over the phone – see more on communication with women then we began talking more often and to pull her closer I have to spur out her jealousy, so I called her one afternoon inquiring if she has a chemistry text book, she is in high school, and she said yes but it’s with someone else.

I said I would love to make use of it in two days time, “what for” she INQUIRED, and I said “I want to help out a friend, she is stuck with her assignment.” Now, that is how to create jealousy… that is how to get a girl jealous I gave her the impression that there is another girl who is just a friend and there is a possibility that I may switch to her if she mess up, so Invariably, I got her to work hard if she really wants to keep seeing me.

There are lots of opportunities like that created for our proper utilization to the creation of jealousy in women, the bad news is that we often ignore them and stick to our over used… old way of begging and bribing women to try us out. Like I said, there are different ways to get girls jealous… keep looking out.

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