Romantic Gifts for A Girlfriend

I have brain-stormed for weeks about romantic gifts for a girlfriend, I just came up with unique gift ideas for my girlfriend and figured your girlfriend would love them too.

I have a weird kind of dating and gifts ideas, most times I don’t do my things the usual way,

I take an entirely different route and often arrive at a better position.

Most guys wonder about the right and most romantic gifts for a chick… what they can give that would really leave a lasting impression. I think that way too, you know, we always want to show off or act differently or do something no other guy had done before.

Gifts for Girl Most people believe that the best gift for a girl is something unique that nobody have ever given to her before, well, I agree to an extent. But they failed to add that it doesn’t necessarily have to be very expensive to be unique and romantic. Here, we shared ideas for making a romantic and affordable gifts for your girlfriend

Kevin Lehman, the Author of “The Real You” said that the most romantic gift his wife gave to him was a note written with the hard cover of one of his books, the note reads “you are the best husband in the world…”

In the same book, he talked about how the only expensive clothe he bought for his wife turned out to be the most expensive rag the world ever saw. He bought a very expensive piece of cloth for his wife which he expected to make her very happy but it ended up getting her angry and finally ended up in the trash can. This goes a long way in backing the fact that a gift for a girlfriend doesn’t necessarily have to be very expensive, besides, we need to put into consideration the fact that what appealed to one girl could make our girlfriend unhappy.

There are five basic love languages that people understand and speak… if I may say it that way. Some girls are gift freaks and they feel special when you spend lots of money on a gift for them, no doubt. But such kind of girls are one in every five.

Some guys think that flowers are the most fascinating gifts for a girlfriend but that depends on her love language and the circumstances surrounding the flower.

There are Five Different Love languages

This five different love languages needs to be put into consideration when buying gifts for a girlfriend so you don’t just hand out the gifts and see her crying later behind closed doors.

The Five Basic Love Languages

Romantic Gifts For Girlfriend

I was saying that there are physical gifts for girls and there are also gift that leave a mental impression that are not physically presented.

What do you really want to achieve with gifts? – To make her very happy and feel special, I guess? Then you can achieve that and even more if you understand her love language and take the right and essential steps.

Now that you know that what appeals to different people differs, you can make a better choice with gifts.

Some girls would appreciate the gift of service more than a wrist-watch you ordered from Switzerland and delivered it through DHL. Do you know that some girls appreciate hand-plucked flowers over the ones you buy in super markets.

Have you dated a girl who keep making you do things – you keep hearing things like “honey would you get me my phone, it is on the edge of the bed” Women that sort of keep sending you around. Although, not really sending you around, they throw in their shoes while your shine yours and say “please help me, honey!”

You don’t buy expensive gifts for a girlfriend like that, her love language is “act of service” you make the gifts yourself and she would appreciate it more than anything. you don’t need to be a professional in any field to make gifts for your girlfriend, whatever you make – so far you made it specifically for her, it would serve the purpose.

Romantic Gifts for A girlfriend

Have you dated a girl who gets really excited when you say something positive about her, and then shuts down when you say negative things about her? To some girls, a “thank you” is a big deal while it is nothing to other girls.

A little girl spent hours drawing the picture of her mum in a bid to get a positive statement from her mum, she presented the picture to the mum and she said ‘oh,’ An ordinary insignificant shabby looking “oh”, it was below the little girl’s expectation and she left with a pale face.

She expected a ‘thank you,’ a hug or “this is good, you will do great in the future” or a special treatment of some sort. Imagine her frustration when she met the picture in the trash can the following morning.

I once asked a pretty girl who claimed she could write poems to write a love poem for me and she did. She unfortunately saw the poem in my drawer several months later months and went wild with excitement.

You won’t need expensive gifts for a girlfriend like that, this kind of girl just want you to make them feel important, that is the love language they understand. whatever you do would be acceptable but not really appreciated like saying positive things about them or appreciating what they do.

You don’t need to buys expensive gifts for girls like that, just make them feel important or appreciated they are the type that really appreciate all those love cards, although, the ones you write yourself would leave a more logical impression.

Most guys mistake the application of this love language with over-use of compliments. There is a big difference between Mundane Compliments and Positive words of affirmation.

When next you are coiled up on a couch thinking of the next and appropriate gifts for a girlfriend, remember that you need to put into consideration the fact that her love language may differ from the rest of the girls and what appeal to her may be different from what appeals to you.

You need to understand that you can make simple and affordable gifts for girls and they would really appreciate it.

You can create your own romantic gifts with the right materials, I don’t buy love cards, I write mine and it is easy to do with a cartrigde or card papers and the right colors. You can make a very interesting and unique love card. And remember, you are no Santa Clause, keep gifts giving at the minimal, gifts to a girlfriend could make or mar a relationship.

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