Girl games and Games Women Play in Relationships

Girl games are simple strategies and techniques a beautiful girl implores in her daily life while dealing with men… trying to solve problems in her own ways while hoping for the best man in the house. It is also called ‘games women play in relationships’. A beautiful girl hopes to hang out with the best man around; she doesn’t want second best, she wants the best or nothing else.

Have you waited for hours in a restaurant before and the pretty girl you were supposed to meet called and canceled? maybe she told you she was busy… fixing her nails or some flimsy excuse (they always have lame excuses)

I am friends with lots of girl and I have seen them promise to hang out with so many guys on the same hour and ends up seeing one or even none of them. I always notice the way these guys react.

Girl games - games women play in relationships

They will call back, shout angrily on the phone, quarrel, promise never to call again, then minutes later they start apologizing. I have been there before and I know it’s really frustrating but that’s before I figured they were just girl games.

Imagine waiting in a restaurant for hours without seeing pretty chick, and she keeps saying “I am on my way” each time you call… They are all games women play in relationships. Maybe she even said she was on her way before you left your house, and you’ve probably spent close to two hours waiting and she is still repeating the same thing.

Frustrating? I know. Maybe she even ended up not meeting you as aggreed.

“Why all this rubbish?”, you may want to ask. Why not just say “I can’t make it” instead of putting you through such stressful situations…stretching your appetite and simply calling it a bluff?

These girls make things worse by posing tough like what they did was right, getting the guys to easily switch back to the apologetic mood. These are all girl games and we are going to deal with it. You wonder why she keeps doing that. Women don’t seem to stop playing relationship and dating games. You can back out, it is the easiest thing to do, or you can go around it.

Almost every one of the pretty girls knows how to play girl games and many of them play it with such great passion and pleasure. It seems like they are just out to frustrate the nice guys.

The question is why do they keep doing it? Even when we complain and yell it seems to intensify their efforts.

Let’s take for instance you are a beautiful girl with over a hundred men on your list, how do you know which one is the best? Do you get laid by all of them? Probably to spot the best performing fellow? Or do you write down their names on a piece of paper and role up the luckiest with a lotto machine?

Girl games is a trend that will die hard. It is simply their only method of sorting the guys, going for the best.

They always think that if they twist the effort of guys a little, the strong ones will stand and talk while the weak ones will cry and complain;

There probably wouldn’t be a better separation technique.
Women know that the true worth of a man is ascertained when his patience is put to test

I said before that a beautiful girl can spot insecurity in a guy a mile away. They can separate the confident ones from the scared one in less than a minute of first contact.

There are several games women play, and there are many ways they twist their girl games.

What do you do when a lady shows up two hours late for a date? Let’s say you called her before leaving your house and she told you she was on her way, then one hour later, she was still on her way.

You were really desperate, hoping and praying to see her. You may not be able to handle it if she never showed up.

You felt like going home, then you thought to yourself, “what if she shows up two minutes after I leave?” Then you took another thirty minutes, drinking water and watching television probably tossing ground-nuts into the air.

Then two hours later, “Why can’t she just be here?”, you soliloquized. You picked up your phone, dialed her number, then hung up before it starts ringing; you just don’t want to sound desperate or to say what you might later regret.

Let’s say you’ve known a little bit of self control; let’s say you know a bit about the girl games or you Know The Right Attitude.

“This is the only woman I really had a thing for, why can’t she just cut out these girl games? I wish she could just see my heart and know that I mean well for her.” Then you kept on going, “Why is she treating me like this? What if she never showed up?” – Then you would have spent your day waiting for nothing, you wondered if you are losing it, and then you spotted someone that looked like her, far away…outside the building… across the road…, she is coming!

God! She is beautiful, ‘well, it’s worth the wait’ you concluded. She walked in, you thought of every possible ways to clear the surge of animosity littered over your face and managed to push out a smile…like all is well.

She greeted you, you smiled again and echoed a “how are you”. She said fine and told you how she had only ten minutes to spend because she hoped to see her grandmother in the next thirty minutes.

Guy, this is trouble – this is girl games,

this is the games women play.
You tried all you could to make her stay but she seems like the strong headed type, like the girls of metal kind

Let me tell you what I would do in such a situation. First, I know that there are countless number of beautiful girls roaming the streets, so I wouldn’t complain, I wouldn’t even wait for a new girl for more than thirty minutes.

As a Real Man, I understand girl games, I scarcely get subjected to such situations. Most times we just hope to impress a girl and end up appearing like a wussy

Let me tell you what I will do…I will go home before she would arrive. Most of the time, they arrive before me, starts calling before I show up like some tough guy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with guys playing tough, or hard to get, it simply improves your game. If the girls are free to play their girl games then playing hard to get wouldn’t be out of order

I would send her a text message after waiting for like thirty minutes, that’s on a good day, which says, “Hello Jane, I have another appointment with my guys for serious fun, since you couldn’t make it after thirty minutes, I will see you some other day, have a lovely…”

This sentence, suggests that she is not your “serious fun”. It suggests you are very busy but just created time to see her and she messed up. Now, I never said it is bad to wait for two hours or even days for a pretty girl, it did work for some guys and who knows; you may end up winning her over.

This sentence also says that she has the opportunity of meeting you again on a more soothing ground, where she wouldn’t probably want to mess things up. You are probably thinking, what if she goes away or what if she feels bad that you couldn’t be there for her, what if she never talked to you again?

When dealing with women, it pays to let it go today, allowing it to spill into the next day. If you made a move today and she said ‘no’, have patience, pretend like you don’t want it today… don’t be in a hurry. It makes her work hard to get to you, at some point she would come at you with every thing she’s got.

The truth is that I have tried this technique over a million times and more than ninety percent of the time, it worked. OK, what about the few that never worked?

The idea is for you to play it tough, standing firm, looking reserved like you got it under control, knowing the fact that there are girls outside waiting for a real guy to come and take them.

“If one says no, I will try the other, not to stand and expect someone to pity me, not to wail and cry and then crawl back into my ‘I can’t succeed with women’ shell”. When you learn to cover your ground, the ladies get serious. They start seeing you as a rare commodity. I promise she wouldn’t go, she would rather get prepared for the next date.

But what if she stops picking my calls? Well, it is better for a lady to point to you and say “I know that guy, he is a tough and arrogant type” than for her to say “I know that guy, he almost bore me to hell before I dumped him.”

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