Girl I Met From Camp…, How to get Her back.

by Adam
(Burlington, Ontario, Canada)

Hey Coach. So about a week ago, I attended this summer camp for the week. I ended up meeting this girl who’s from the same city as I am. The first day we met we talked for a little bit to get introduced.

Then, that night at the camp dance, we met up and she started grinding on me and she seemed pretty into it. After the dance, we hung out for a bit and made out before saying goodnight. The following day, we chilled with each other for about 2 hours, and then parted ways with a kiss.

Later that night, I sneaked out of my cabin to go see her. We ended up sitting down at this nice spot by the lake. After about 5 minutes of talking, she asked me if I would still talk to her when we got home. I said yes, and after exchanging looks, we made out for a good 5 minutes.

The next day, which also happened to be the last day of camp, we talked about hanging out after camp. After we were done, we made out again. So once we got home, we started texting a pretty fair amount, and by how it was going, she seemed like she might be into me too. So we started talking about hanging out, and she seemed really down.

But the day before we were gonna chill, she said she was getting sick. We didn’t end up hanging out b/c she said she was too sick, but now she won’t even answer my texts. I don’t know if she actually is sick, or if she just doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.

I thought it through a bit and I think it might have been moving too fast for her, but I’m not sure. The worst thing about this though is the fact that I’ve developed feelings for this girl. I want to text her but I don’t think it’ll do any good. Do you have any advice on how I could get her to talk to me again? I don’t really want to give up on her b/c there’s a lot about her that I like.

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Girl I Met From Camp…, How to get Her back.

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How To Get Bac The Girl I met From Camp
by: Dave Anan

I think I know what happened her, it is either she is sick or you are losing your grip, whichever way it it, the situation could be unraveled.

You can get back the girl you met from camp.

when was the last time you called or sent her a text message? What is happening at the moment, has she called back??

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the report back to me, click the comment link below.

by: Adam

Um no she hasn’t. She flat out just stopped texting me. And I haven’t texted her for a couple of days; since the day after she stopped. Thank you Dave for the response, I’ll read that link you recommended and then go from their. Thanks again.

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