Handsome Guys…their strength and their weakness

The argument is not whether handsome guys get more sweet girls attracted to them than their less handsome colleague, that is an indisputable fact The issue is how they can manage this t their advantage. How almost any body would be able to create more opportunity and maximize the ones at large.

Good looking guys are shiny, they go with a hidden balm of recognition, making it very possible for hot girls to spot them out of the crowd. Like gold, they are attractive.

But that is not many, it is few when measured with what it take to dating hot girls successfully.

They would have girls looking their way instantly as they walk in, girls talk about them secretly but like I said, It takes more than mare looks to keep hot girls

A handsome guy would have the door easily opened for him, but what walks him in is far more than looks, it goes beyond mere facial decoration, cutting across body stature and bypassing body color. It is “control” yes, control.

It could be called confidence, I wish to call it prowess, it is being able to stand, it is maturity. It is being able to talk and know what you said. It is saying it and doing it, It is saying it and doing it, Ok, I am going out of confidence. But what really makes a man is how principled he is.

A confident good looking guy could have the part to his house beaten by the feet of beautiful girls. Even getting observers to question his method with mouth wide open. I have been here.

What I am talking about is how a good looking guy could starts it and continue it. Your looks would definitely start it but what keeps you going is your ATTITUDE.

See The Right Attitude To Attracting Girls

Get confident and move ahead.

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