How can a real man should handle mean girls games?

Hi coach,

I was reading this great website and I read all over about being a”real man” when it comes to deal with beautiful women. I understand you gotta be confident, decisive, pick the places to take the girl, pick the tables in the restaurant, be tough. But when a girl is playing a game on you for example: she cancels on a date with you in the last minute twice by sending a text message or calling, what a “real man” should say or text back when that happens?? I think saying things like : “that’s ok, let’s hang out some other time” or ” no worries, let’s meet next saturday?” seems like this would be to whimpy for a “real man” so what are we suppose to say??
Same, when a girl seems to be intereste din you , but when you ask her out she say “I can’t, maybe next saturday” and when you ask her out again she says :”sorry I can’t either, but we should do it sometime soon”
what resal man should handle this??

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How can a real man should handle mean girls games?

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How a real man should handle relationship games from girls?
by: Anan Dave

You have a very interesting question. If I understand you correctly you are asking about how a real man should deal with tough girls??

First, you were right. A real man should be confident, proficient (to some extent), decisive and responsible. It is obvious that an ordinary man can almost never attain perfection, what a real man does is to act like a MAN because only real men are attractive to pretty girls

I said that real men act like they know what they are doing, they have Self Confidence and knows how to communicate effectively with pretty girls.

They are not scared or terrified by any suggestion she would make because they have confidence in themselves, they know that there are lots of other girls that would be happy to have them if one says ‘no’

So when a girl calls and cancel a date, I don’t complain or grill over it, that is what a real man does, most times I just say ‘alright, have a lovely day.’ I don’t fight it or beg her because I wouldn’t want to appear desperate.

Or when a girl refuses to pick your call, just take it cool, don’t leave hundredth of missed calls, it would turn her off.

This things are easy to handle if you can wrap your mind around them till you inculcate them into your system.

Some people just keep loosing girls while some are busy picking and dropping girls the way they like.

When a girl just keep promising to go out with you without honoring them, first you have to be sure you are asking the right way – see one of the best written article on How To ask Out A Girl The Right Way

Then if you are convinced that you are asking out the right way and she is not showing up then you need to back OFF, try other pretty ladies.

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