How do I break up with my girlfreind

by Andy

I have been with this girl for 8 months now formally we used to hang out together and do stuff but I have lost my interest in her. I think she still loves me but I don’t love her anymore and I don’t want this to keep going on like this. we just finished talking on the phone she said I don’t love her but I told her I still do probably not to hurt her felling but I know I am going to tell her soon but I don’t know how to do it. pls help

I don’t want her to feel bad

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How do I break up with my girlfreind

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by: Dave Anan

Hello Andy,
I so much stressed the point of letting go of what we do not want. I understand this kind of situation perfectly. when a girl is there giving it to us the way we want it trying all she could to impress us and keep us.
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just break up with her now
by: Anonymous

try the best you can to summon courage and break up with her, it is the only thing to do. and the earlier the better. It would hurt her more as more day passes by

How to break up with a girl
by: Anonymous

This is how to let go of what shouldn’t be. To break up after several years of relationship is not an easy move to make many guys would rather sink in the ocean than go through the tiring process of a split.

I strongly advice here — advice for men that it is a very unwise decision to continue on the wrong road… no matter where you discover that you are on the wrong road, the only thing to do is to turn right. Yes right, you don’t keep moving because you’ve so gotten almost there(the ocean) you can only drawn.

Yes she would cry, and I would also advice that it is very wrong to have a girl all year and throw her out because she probably threw herself at you initially. some women are light headed, they give it all to you and hope you keep it well. and it is up to you to do what’s necessary
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