How do I handle weakness around women?

by Oz

I can’t seem to help this situation I kinda keep getting some sort of cold feet when I am talking to a lady especially the more beautiful ones how do i overcome this? does it happen to every body or is it just me, some of my friend seem to do well with women they can start a conversation but i just feel like some dummy around pretty girls please help.

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How do I handle weakness around women?

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Handling weakness around women
by: Dave Anan

weak around women? no problem, it happens to all of us and it is still happening, I guess that why we are human. don’t take it personal it usually go away with time and little practice. This is what I tell people about killing their fears around beautiful girls — break the ice, do whatever you feel like doing, you may be wrong the first time but you would have learned what doesn’t work.

The idea is to take a bold step any how, confront your fears, try and fail then try again

More on how to handle weakness around women — See dealing with the fear of rejection

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I most confess that your articles have transformed my life tremendously, not just in terms of women but in having a confident, positive & satisfactory life in general. – From IK

Never tend to avoid break up or try to sustain a relationship with more money, gifts or service

Most of what is taught about chasing women should be tried-out till perfection is attained