How do I Not Get Emotionally Attacthed Quickly With Girls

How do I not get emotionally attached too quickly with pretty girl?
I feel I am sort of default programmed to do that, here is about me

I’m 19 and in college. My problem is that I get emotionally attached rather quickly with a girl. I start doing everything for them and keep doing it even though they have no feelings towards me. So I always end up getting used and of course treated like dirt. And it always hurts me inside all the time because and the more problem is the fact the I somehow can’t seem to stop doing this

I’m just hoping one day they will have feelings toward me and care about me but nope. Never happens. How can I control myself to no want to do everything for a girl right away?? How can I control my emotions so I don’t get myself attached to someone who doesn’t have feelings for me?? Do I just stop trying to date or what??

Please I need some advice or suggestions, what do you think I should do, how do you think I can quickly pull out of this shit?? it’s so hurting.

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How do I Not Get Emotionally Attacthed Quickly With Girls

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how to have confidence
by: Anonymous

we all have been there, soon you will get used to it

I am getting attached too quickly
by: Dave Anan

I had the same problem several years back when I first started out with dating, I felt I was giving in too quickly and simply being too nice, and I lost lots of pretty girls to that simple but complicated mistake. Talk about being treated like dirt, I can relate. The age-old problem of trying to please women…trying to bride pretty girls can be curbed with lots of practice and determination.

I call it the “please take me attitude,” giving women the impression that they are way out of your league, and like you will do everything if she would just accept you.

I am sure you are perfectly aware of the volume of damage inferiority complex does to a man and if you are looking for a way to boost your confidence all of a sudden then you need to keep looking but I bet you will never find a way

You are looking for “how to not get attached too quickly to pretty girls. First you understand that getting attached too quickly to pretty girls…trying to please them so you don’t lose them actually make you loose value, you start acting desperate and simply turn them off.

How to perfectly curb the little man syndrome

How Not to Get Attached Easily
by: Jerome

I really can’t figure out what you mean by getting emotionally attached to a girl, is it like you fall in love so easily or you get romantically attracted only to realize that you are still on the ‘friends’ zone??

Is it like you give in so easily? Do you buy gifts or spend so much on girls and they just tell you that they like you as friends and wouldn’t want to ruin that?

You can get over anything if you just focus on the right thing and keep trying to do it…

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