How do you get the courage to go out alone ?

by hazece
(new york)

In High School, I use to have plenty of friends,
including my supposedly best friend who became a
cop a 2 years ago, and doesn’t hang out with me no
more because he has new friends. I guess I have to
admit I was very dependable as I still am. I have
four years since I finish High School, and haven’t
been the same ever since. I use to be quick with
ladies, I wasn’t popular but I was sure known. As
soon as all my friends went their ways, I haven’t
been the same. I don’t go out, even if I try to go
out by myself, I always end up not doing anything
because I’m afraid of being bored or just wasting
my time. I had a few GF in the past, that was the
only time I went out too, but after that, never
again. I always try to hard to get a girl, and I
think they notice, because every time I get a girls
number I usually hit them up on the same day and
make these long conversations, which they reply
with the, “One word text.” I try to control myself
by not showing I am to desperate, but the problem
is I always end up doing so. I don’t know why I do
it if I know the girl will notice. Every time a girl
rejects me for a date, or stand me up, I usually feel
miserable, even though I know there are many girls
in the world. Then I start to see girls at total
bitches, who just like to tease guys and make them
look like fool. I wonder myself, maybe I should be
like those guys who really don’t give a F about women
feelings, because they always get the girls no matter
how bad girls know they are. I mean women complaint
about how bad men’s are, but of course they have to,
if they keep looking for the same kind of guy. Yet,
when a good one approaches them, they never give them
the chance because they are to nice, so they rather
take advantage of them, tease them, reject them, or
play mind games. I would love some advise about my

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How do you get the courage to go out alone ?

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Chasing, Getting and keeping any Girl
by: David Anan

Hello Hazece,
I understand how It feels sitting where you are now but don’t take it personal, don’t give up, it is the easiest thing to do but it is not the best thing. you are wondering how you could get the courage to go out alone, that shouldn’t be you question. should have been like how do I get the courage to pick up the next girl. you shouldn’t resort to hanging out all by your self. as you suggested, you would get bored.

Chasing, getting and keeping any girl you want, I must admit is not an easy process, there is no courage button you just press and you got courage
you try and fail, stand up try again, know how and where you always miss it. then re-enforce till you are good, as you rightly thought, girls hang out with the tough guys who probably has little time for them they want a competitive guy, a scarce guy.

The good news is that you could make your self scarce, guys always have this thought like “she’s gonna leave If I don’t call her now” then minutes later they are depressed by some unscrupulous thought like “where is she now, Is she thinking of me the way I am thinking about her
then within more minutes they go wide. pick the phone to call to confirm and there they are, “wussing around”

It seem like we all are default programed to always switch back to this “wussy mode” NO MATTER HOW WE TRY!!
It happens to all of us but you keep straightening and winding till you build a tough you.

hope this helps
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by: Anonymous

You are so right, I mean I had a day without hearing from this girl. The reason why is because she evading my question of whether she was going to accept my date or not, since she kept teasing me. So she text me asking how I was, and why I have not hit her up. I told her I don’t like playing mind games, or being tease. She soon said, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I’ve been busy.” I said, ” Yeah that’s a good excuse for evading my question when I ask, if it’s a yes or no.” She seemed confused, and then said if I wanted to go to a party with her next Friday, and then to the movies on Saturday. I told it’s up to her. I said to myself, OK, this time I am definitely not going to remind her anything. I will also try as hard as possible from contacting her.

Getting more familiar with the process of attracting girls
by: Anonymous

Playing a bit of hard to get adds to your cart, I said it before and it is so real, But you have to learn to “Be the man” here, nothing is up to the woman here, It is all up to you.

She asked if you wanted to go out with her and you said “it is up to you” I had rather you say something like “I would check my diary and see if I would be free” that shows you have other things to do, It is the beginning of attraction. the Idea is to get scarce of fake it, However you do it, It get her to chase you, wondering why you are not the always begging, crying guy.

And don’t think she is playing the mind games almost all girls are wired to do the same thing, it is “inbuilt,” yours is just to get above it, know it, understand that they will always do that and you are good to go!

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