How to Attract Girls at My High School

by tommy

how do I get girls interested in me at my high school I am a junior and i don’t like anyone at my school but I never really get the chance to sit next to girls that I am interested in class, so how do I make them interested in me outside of class.

I have a good personality I am a nice person and can make people laugh.I play ice hockey, for my school its club though not a school sport like football, so whats up why cant i ever get girls to be interested in me?

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How to Attract Girls at My High School

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How to attract women
by: Dave Anan

Your pics are nice. Actually if you want to attract girls in your high school it is very easy to do but I thought you already have a girlfriend or did you broke up or are you trying to ditch her? lets talk. did she get boring? use the click on “comment” below

by: Tommy

well she was never my gf. but what happened was i asked to her to homecoming and it was like a great night. we grinned and all that good stuff. slow danced. and when we slow danced she pulled herself really close to me. then at the end of the night she held my hand the whole way to her friends house in the car(i couldn’t drive her cause i hadn’t had my licence long enough). so then i walked her to the door of her friends house and she held my hand all the way and i wanted to kiss her but i didn’t get that feeling. so she gave me a hug. and told me to call her. and now we don’t really talk a lot. cause she told my friend she thought he was cute on his formspring. So he told me and then my friends and I hung out for my friends birthday. So i texted her and she texted my friend “tommy just texted me i don’t think i will reply”. my friend showed me of course and texted her something. then i just made small talk then asked what the whole formspring thing was about. she told me “1)i think he is cute 2) i was just messing around. then she texted my friend and said “oh David”. so then i told her that seeing her at homecoming and dancing made me really like her more than friends and i thought she did to. so then she told me that i just asked her to homecoming as friends. But why would she hold my hand and pull herself closer to me if she only liked me as friends?

How to attract High School Girls
by: Dave Anan

You show some sign of desperation while talking to girls, That is one of the easiest way to turn women off…when you gave out the impression that you are really in need of her, when you start sounding very needy on your text messages and start calling her often then you are just throwing off all your dignity as the man and that is when it all starts twisting backward. take a look at this page How to Attract Girls Instead of Turning Them off

How To Attract Girls in High School
by: Anonymous

There is just no special kind of attitude or character required just be your self and play it cool

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