Learn how to attract women

Question about how to attract women is one of the age-old dating issue that is yet unresolved.

This entire page is all about attracting women and building rapport in minutes; take your time I have written a whole lot just for you

This is one of the most essential topic that I almost didn’t find a way to put in writing.

I understand attraction

I know how to get a hot chicks attracted to me

I know how to brew it

Enlarge it, and finally hatch it


But I find it difficult to put it in writing, partly because attraction is so complex and almost happens like magic, in a split second.

I know how to make the magic happen, I know it is creating excessive hunger for you in a woman, creating attraction involves, getting a woman to want you, to want you beyond her own control. How to attract Women

To the point where all she would ever thinks about would be what to do to get your approval, to get you to accept her, to get you interested in her games.

It gets to a stage where she could offer anything to keep you for herself.

We the guys… we always want it in the present, we are ready any time any day to hit it but the average woman would want to look before they leep

They want to go slowly, they want to trust you first before they would let you in.

Really, lets get back to the topic, how to attract women. Attraction could be built from the scratch, to the brewing level and to the explosion level. Learning how to attract women is extremely necessary in the path to relationship joy ride! Attraction has almost nothing do with money or fame.

It has very little to do with stardom, it just happens, it just explode and starts growing, It could grow, retard, you do the turning of the meter yourself.

The only way I am going to explain how to attract women, is by laying down some example as regard to my encounter with women.

I met this chick on a Saturday evening, she was hot and I couldn’t resist, so I walked up to her on the street, The way she greeted gave out the impression that she was also looking for a hot guy, we talked for a while and I told her that I was going another direction, then I said “see you later,”

I walked away then turned again as if I forgot a thing, (hope you already know this pick up techniques)

then presented my phone and said your number, She typed it without hasitating and asked if I was going to call and I said, “first, I will call my 5 other girlfriends and if I am not exhausted, then I will call.” she laughed! that’s Cocky-funny

Looking for how to attract women? that’s one way. That really made me different, Initially I thought statements like that would make her run from me, now I know better.

I guess you already know that girls chase guys that understand how to attract women, guys that are scarce, probably a guy with several other girls, They always want an arena for competition. They just need you to tell them you will single them out and Voila!.

They don’t follow the lonely, “I am alone” fellow, who doesn’t know a thing about how to attract women. They apparently thinks there is no better boring guy than such.

Back to the story…How to attarct women… She walked away, then I never called for two days. I gave her the gift of missing the new guy. she knew I was new and fresh, non tested, still a mystery, at this point I could mess up or succeed. she wondered what would keep me from calling, probably business (she could think)

I finally called two days later and she complained how I almost forgot her, “I never did,” I retorted, “Just got other things to take care of”

With the sentence above, you are beginning to sound different from the other guy, who wouldn’t do nothing else but sending millions of love text messages and making thousands of call.

This lovely chick lived in my neighborhood, she was hot, I really needed her then. But that does not permit me to freak out in her presence. We lived in the same street and I was going to brew her passion to the gut-level, to the point she wouldn’t know what hit her.

I called her out one evening for a stroll and she quickly ran out; I made the invitation the way it looked like her final opportunity of being with me. Alright, when I called she was actually having her dinner, but she had to ditch the dinner just to impress me (the new guy).

So she dumped the food and ran out after me.

The question is, what did I say to her? “come out and meet me outside and please dump your food before coming,” wondering whether I said that, well I did in a way. I said, “hello Sandy, I am having a stroll across the street come and join me”

“Please would you give me five minutes” she pleaded, I said I will be passing your house in two minute, if you can’t make it, no problem, I will still meet some friends on the way.

Did you notice the strategy I implored here? I never begged, “please Sandy can you come and have a stroll with me or I would be miserable this whole evening.” No, I have to get this girl to chase me; first, I have to be stronger and tougher than her.

This is what I said, “Sandy, come and join me on a stroll and make it fast because some other girl may take me on the way if you don’t, I am expensive and this might probably be your last chance.”

That is all I said in a coded language, and she left her food and ran out after me. Now, she needed to get to know me more, this is the first stage in attracting women you could still grow it to the point she would not know when the next follows,

Every guy want to get physical with a lady, our major problem is having the patience, to learn how to attract women.

Alright. I went out with this girl. We strolled to a point the street became very dark, was around 8 pm. Really, there was a space created by two opposing cars that was really dark. The way she was clinging to me, I was tempted to drag her to that position and have a quick grab and kiss.

I was tempted, but I knew what I wanted, I know how to attract women. I am not going for the street romance, I want everything. If I rush it, I am going to lose it,

I know the benefits of refraining at the beginning!

I had the opportunity of dragging her to that corner and doing whatever but I wanted to give her the impression that she can be so close and I wouldn’t still want her yet

I have to get it matured, I have to make her work hard to get me to touch her, I never touched her, my hands were in my pockets and she was grabbing at it.

Guy, at the end of the day the woman craves the touch of a Real Man but they have to make sure you are REAL. Probably the strongest around. Every girl searches for the perfect boyfriend.

There is hardly any beautiful, gorgeous lady without a guy around her. You just need to toughen up your game and go for the best..

I brought her back home and asked her to call me on Sunday “we would probably see, time permitting,” I concluded. And that was when it all began. This story of strong men and the ladies often looks far-fetched and fabricated but if and when you take care of your inner game, learn how to attract women,

when you are able to stand tall as the man you should be, you would be surprised by their level of reciprocation. If you ever want to get any lady attracted to you, you should first be able to let go of all those hurry nature.

We always want to get physical, grab it, move it, do it immediately, I know. But we have to learn to take it easy, if we must make it

Imagine how ironical life is, If you want girl to keep chasing you, you’ve got to learn to say no to them!

Learn to get her thinking you would grab her, then give excuse and walk away. give her the impression that you can touch her, but not now, It is when you are ready. let her not know when you will make the move.

Letting a pretty girl anticipate your every move is very unhealthy for any relationship.

This is so little compared to what is coming on “how to attract women”

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