How To Get Back My Wife – She Seem To Be Pulling Away.

by Michael

I married the most amazing beautiful french woman about 9 months ago but because she was so beautiful i was insecure jelous and when a few times i got intoxicated i over reacted and called her names Never physical i would not hit a woman!!

I also lied about big things at the start of the relationship to impress he because i never thought it would be a long term relationship. Since the last argument she was gone to France. now she said to me before she left that i can come in 4 weeks to France and she will give me one more chance.

Its been 3 weeks and everyday she is becoming colder not calling me etc. and never saying i love you or miss you.

It makes me crumble even though i want to be strong because she is 5000 km away I’m scared may never see her again. I feel she is making excuses to get rid of me e.g i have to talk to my parents before you come about how u lied to me and what you have been doing ( in my eyes what i have done isn’t that bad)

but i feel as though she wants to defiantly leave me i’m supposed to go to France on Thursday next week and she is saying all negative things. What do? i do i don’t want to live without her.

I’m thinking I should go to France and start a life and just make it on my own as a man but i have already showed that i am weak with out her. Help me coach what do I do over the next couple of days when i talk to her on the phone and how can i turn this around?

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How To Get Back My Wife – She Seem To Be Pulling Away.

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How To Get Back My Wife
by: Dave Anan

First, you have a better chance of getting back your wife. I emphasized how self confidence is necessary to the building of a relationship, a woman wants to marry a man that is strong and self confident, that you lied about your situation to get her attracted simply screams INSECURE, but no situation is too hard to be amended.

most women could put up with a man that doesn’t have a dime at the moment that has a DREAM and FOCUS and DETERMINATION.

Most women think about your future before getting into a relationship with you, most times you just need to assure them that you are worth something, you just need to keep telling her “I will make it”

then you get a job, get serious with your life, make long term plans.

A woman needs to be proud of her man, we are talking about your wife here, you have a very good chance of getting her but first, you need to behave like an independent man, like you can make decisions and stand on them. behave like THE MAN.

The first step to fixing a relationship is “fixing self” you need to fix your attitude and just know you have something to offer, not just to her but to the entire world, you are always more than you think you are, you just need to look deeper and discover your hidden potential.

your idea to move to France and build a life is not a bad one, men build life, they don’t cry or complain and that is just what attracts the female folks, your bold and unwavering attitude!

send her a mail, tell her you are ready to gather the almost broken pieces of your marriage and work on it till it becomes something sweet and interesting (you can use those exact words) tell her you are coming to take her.

Don’t beg, stop apologizing, I think you must have done enough of that, don’t cry, don’t plead with her. present a real plan of a focus man who is determined to make it, make her see a bright future with you, that’s what every woman wants.

Tell her that you have failed before but you are not a failure, tell her you will make a good life for the both of you, speak like a man in the letter, not like a boy. send it today and don’t call till she calls you. keep me posted, give me every detail, if you follow it my way, you will most likely get her waiting for you by the time you arrive.

Note: you must be ready to back up your words with determination and hard work to be able to transcend your promise into reality. You can get her back but you have a lot of work to do.

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Good Advice
by: Michael

Before receiving your response i navigated the website and i got alot of pointers. When i first met her i acted like a man i had confidence a great job good income good looks and health.

Now that she has come into my life i no it sounds weird but its as if she enjoys seeing me depressed and scared. So after reading the advice you have given to people i used that advice.

First of all i stopped calling it was a battle but i pulled through and eventually she called saying ” you didn’t even call me” then i talked to her on skype and explained that i am going to France for work opportunity which is true and to see if our marriage can work.

She still acting funny her excuse is that she needs to tell her parents about the lies in the past. But i shrugged and said to her if i come and it doesn’t work out it’s not the end of the world. the next morning which would have been at about 11:00 pm in France i get a call on my mobile saying how could u lie to me and do this to me i always loved you etc.. then said she has to have a shower and hanged up.

It seems that she needs to feel like she has the power but i am going to France regardless of the outcome with her. So I’m just holding in there and being strong.

How To Get Back My Wife
by: Anonymous

Yes you need to keep holding it together… that’s what real men do, we take control. you love your wife, you want her back and I also think she wants you back, you can make it happens and to do that, you need to assumes your rightful position which is at the top, IN CHARGE.

you need to understand that women are always trying to be the head in a relationship, it is just women being woman, you don’t need to get angry or fight her for it. When you give her the chance and treat her like the head they turn around and blame you for not taking responsibility.

Women needs to be led with love and complete respect but not given absolute authority and treated with wild abandon. sometimes they need to be called to order and that is the duty of a man, Nobody is right at all times.

Women run away when you chase them desperately but they turn around and chase you when they feel your are pulling away, they always call back when you don’t call for days and that is a better time to turn the leadership around.

Is she a first daughter or an only child? they always have very strong influence on people

by: Anonymous

only Daughter

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