How To Get Back Together With This Girl After A Mix Up

by Chaos

I’m 16 years of age and my name is Chaos. I’ve been dating this pretty girls for almost a week now. let say I approached her on monday and she agreed to give my reply in the evening but did’nt but rather told me yes on wednesday.

On the same wednesday after saying yes to my proposal, she said she want me and her to go on a occasion and I accepted to go even though i did’nt got nothing to wear and nothing like cash.

Wednesday came and she went and wait 4 me but did’nt go because I did’nt got a new outfit and much money. she got angry and even stated she was gonna delete my number from her phone but she did’nt do it after all. Friday she went again and I did’nt because of the same problem. sunday me and her decided we will go on the beach together. sunday came and i was having this new outfit and no enough cash so I carried my aunt to the airport. she got angry and even stated she dont want to see or talk to me again, but we settle the problem later.

Monday she came and I wanted to kiss her because she told my friend that I’m a junk because she told me she love me on wednesday and thurday she came and I did’nt kiss her.

I made attemp to kiss her but she refused so I stay put and I took her phone instead.after leaving her phone with me a text message came in and said something about a proposal for her to agreed.

Tuesday she came and did’nt even speak to me and but rather asked straightly for her phone, after arguing i gived her the phone and walked away from her and leave her right in the spot. she got very angry and left, after some moments I saw she and my friend girlfriend coming.

My friend girl whose name is rosetta asked me what happened and I was explaining it. My girlfriend whose name is Allian wanted to hear what we discussing and she came and stand there but I told rosetta for us to move from beside for her to not hear our discussion.

Me and rosetta were discussing she came and told me directly that if I see her I must act like I dont know her and she will behaved the same because she can’t continue a relationship that contain confusion everyday. I ignored and later left but right now I’m just thinking about her.

Later in the night I went to rosetta house to discuss about her and she told me that the girls was complaining why i did’nt called her and was even happy because i stored a music as her ringtone which she loved so much and even stated that she will apologize to me. she called me a loser mostly,telling i’m broke and many sort of things while behind she talking nicely about me to her friends.

pls tell me coach how to handle this kind of situation. I’m really in love with this girl and I can’t afford losing her because with her everybody is giving me a little respect.

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How To Get Back Together With This Girl After A Mix Up

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How To Get Back Together With This Girl After A Mix Up
by: Dave Anan

Hello Chaos,
You have a somewhat interesting and yet spaced request. According to the tale you seem to have a girlfriend already, do you also want the second girl and why do you think she would make you feel more confident and respected?? Do you need a girl to achieve that?

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