How To Get Her Back After Some Months – Old Flame

by Adam

Hey Coach. I was just wondering if I could get some advice on what to do. You see, there’s this girl who I was pretty close with earlier (like around November-December) It was getting to the point where I was already set on asking her out. However, I ended up missing a party, and she was drunk and made out with a guy.(turns out was my cousin..) So after that I kinda called it quits and stopped talking to her. Now, like 8 months later, I’ve started talking to her some more and think I should go for it again.

The only problem is that she is already “with” another guy, and I put that in quotations b/c they like each other, but they aren’t going out and its kinda confusing, the whole situation and everything. I just wanted to know what I could do to get her back. Thank you.

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How To Get Her Back After Some Months – Old Flame

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How to get back a girl after several months break
by: Dave Anan

I have seen relationships that resurrected back from dead but most times, the people are sort of destined to be together.

Getting back a girl or snatching a girl from another guy is not always easy especially when they are in love with each other. however, it is very possible but I advice people to only engage in this ordeal when the odds are not against them.

So here is the first question, Does she love you?

More than the other guy?

Is she still interested in going out with you?

You said you dated her some months back and when it was time to ask her out…

I don’t think you need to wait for a particular time to ask out a girl, just ask her anyway.

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