How to Get my Girlfriend Back When The Break-up is Still Fresh?

by amit

Get back girlfriend, change your attitude

Get back girlfriend, change your attitude

This thread is about how to get back a girlfriend earlier, when the break up is still fresh... getting back together is easy if you push the right buttons, the right attitude coupled with an understanding of women behavior would likely get her back for you.

hi, i would move straight to the question i need a answer about. there is a girl to whom i madly love and i can do anything to get her. earlier we were very close to each other. we have been little bit close to each other physically, but slowly things started changing.

Earlier when I proposed to her she was like "i need little bit time, i like you, no doubt in that, but i just need some time to think." but now she just keeps n giving me excuses like "if i commit you and we don't get married then i'll(gal) be very much hurt and i don't want that to happen so can we be just friends.

Earlier i refused to be with her as we have been little bit physical and it was impossible for me to be her "just friend". and to be very frank when she said that i cried in front of her, it was embarrassing but i don't know why but i couldn't control myself.

Then she said don't cry and then we started talking regularly but there is a wall between us of just friends. i don't know what made everything change, i never even got to know that the girl who use to love me don't want to get committed with me. (i have been to many relationships, but every time things were just opposite to what they are this time.

Then we once in a week fight with each other. sometime its because of me and sometimes it's because of her. i started getting irritated from everything goin on.

So i once said her that i don't want to be with you any more i want to take a stand it's enough, you cant commit me and i can't live with that because it irritates me a lot, and said that i won't be talking to her from tomorrow onwards, she started crying n crying she literally begged me not to leave her like that, but i took a stand, and from the next day when i woke up i saw 7 msgs asking "good morning baby, mwah"(this is her everyday message after she wakes up) "hey wass up""what you doing" etc.

I didn't replied to any of them, but till after noon she was again and again texting me to talk to her but i just replied i cant talk. and then the day passed she kept on messaging me the whole day in every half and hour.

At night

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How to Get my Girlfriend Back When The Break-up is Still Fresh?

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How to Get Back Girlfriend Before long
by: Dave Anan

You can get back your girlfriend before the next guy comes knocking on her door. It is obvious that people in relationship literally break up and get back constantly, we apologize and still get back together often but when the big bang happens, it is not really very simple to get back on the same page.

the question that one needs to answer is "when did it start?" the debris of breakup lingers long enough before its shattering away, although, most times we don't see it coming.

you said you proposed, I want to know; like how long after the relationship did you propose??

And you cried in front of her, yes... it is embarrassing!

Oh, now it is getting sweeter, you are working it by not talking and responding to her text messages.

Tell me..., do you have a house, where do you normally hang out when you want to have fun??

Ahh! You lost the key when you called her and talked the normal old way. you need the strength of a man.

Hello Amit, you can get back your babe and from the look of things she is still pretty much within reach, just answer the questions above and we can start from there.

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When Things Became Messy, How do I Get Her Back
by: Anonymous

actually i am from jodhpur and m doin bba. llb from a college situated in bhubaneswar, she is also from there only.
i met her in november 2010, everything was going great, my vacations were there from 10th dec but i stayed there just for her and she knew that i am there just for her, we used to stay together from morning 8 till 4pm.. then i came back home(jodhpur, earlier i had a prog. that I'll return bhubaneswar by 10th but due to some reasons i had to stay here till 24th.. and according to her she missed me a lot in those days and she has now engaged herself in many other things.. then everything got changed when i went back, we hardly meet twice a month when since i got back, i tried a lot to make things go as they use to be like earlier, and i guess things got messed up somewhere here.

i proposed her in 10th December, and yaa that time once she said i love you 2, i asked her really? then she replied i need some time.

i know it's embarrassing but i don't know how to act at time. things happen automatically. i lose control on myself at times.

earlier i used to hang out a lot with my friends but in the middle (when i was totally lost into her) i don't feel like doing anything. so most of the time now i stay alone.

and one more thing i am in jodhpur, and trying to make her jealous that we have new neighbors, and their daughter is too hot and we both hang out a lot. when i said this she showed a very least interest, but one day when i told her that the girl (my neighbor) gave me some of her pics would you like to see them, she was like "yes, please mail it to me asap". so i want to know that is it the right way of making her jealous and is she really getting jealoused?

i didn't wanted to call her back but when she cried i just couldn't control myself i felt that m hurting her too much and i felt very guilty. so i started acting normally (i pamper her a lot).

please help me getting her i don't want to do something from which i lose her for ever. thank you

How to get back my girlfriend.
by: Dave Anan

Women are attracted to real men and not just any kind of men. Nice guys are totally beaten before the game even begin, I know it is just natural to want to seem nice and get her excited but when you act like a wus, when you act like you can't do without her, when you give her the impression that you have very little trait of a man she starts wanting to be just friends.

For women you need to call the shots and have them eating from your palm, it seem obvious you give her yourself whenever she request for you?? do you answer whenever she call?? when you do; you lose your usefulness. you have to always get them to miss you and when they do; don't come back and spent the whole day telling her joke and helping her catch up. get scarce and get busy with other things.

From what you have said I think the game is still on, it is pretty easy to get women jealous but managing the situation to our advantage is where we make mistakes.

when you told her about your neighbor, it sounded like you are just doing that to get her jealous and that is pretty lame. you make her read and understand you every step of the way. When you want to create jealousy, you don't flaunt it to her face, she need to search it out.

don't show her the pictures, mix it with some of your pics when next she visits and keep them where she would likely see them, but don't make it too open like you are trying hard to get her to see them. I hope you are feeling me?? do that in every other scenario where getting her jealous apply

Have you seen this page about Creating Jealousy??

I am putting together a book that would solve all of these numerous problems with women, what do you think?? It's gonna be almost free.

what next
by: amit

okay i got you. so apart from making her jealous what else should i do so that she care for me like i do for her right now.

the idea of writing a book is awesome, go ahead, you totally rock..

Getting Back My Girlfriend
by: Dave Anan

there is just no instant attraction builder, it happens gradually. First, you need to get her jealous, then manage her emotions. I used to be pretty bad with women about ten years ago, I mean really bad, scared and too nice.

At the end I learned to live a lifestyle that is attractive to women, On daily bases we are naturally provided with an opportunity to get women jealous, play hard to get, get scarce, make them feel forgotten. Theses are the kind of attitude that really get them to chase you. Amit, you really need to see this, it's one of my oldest and best dating tip about the Right and Wrong Attitude.

things started working i guess
by: amit

hey thanks a lot man, i guess your tips are working some how, today something different happened..
today when i woke there were two messages from her one was a gud mrning one and the other was for a song which i asked her to listen she said "i heard the song u asked me to hear, it was amazing one, thanks a lot sweets"
i just replied for her gud morning one..
then she sent me a message at approx 12:45 "hey sweety u still sleeping" i didn't reply then again she msgd after half an hour "wake up darling" i still didn't reply then after half an hour she again msgd "u gussa on me again baby" then after holdin for 15 mins i replied "no, nothing like that, actually m with my friends" she instantly replied "okay.. ccd??" after again holding for approx 10 mins i replied "no m some where else, but will go there in some time but nice guess though" the she replied "okay" and then she didn't reply and even i didn't message or call her..

she never acted like this, so do you think everything is going right. please do let me know about your opinion.. thnx a lot again 🙂

by: Dave Anan

Seems like you are beginning to have a good grasp on creating jealousy and playing hard-to-get. In a relationship; the man is supposed to call the shots, you are suppose to be the one dishing out orders not sitting beside a pretty girl and nodding to everything she says hoping she would throw everything else at you.

You are getting on top of the game but don't be too excited, women are very unpredictable but when you play your part perfectly well she will always fall beside you. You are doing fine but that is not to say you have totally made it, sometimes it seems like we are default programmed to keep doing the same thing.

True success comes when you begin living the game instead of merely playing it and right now you are just playing it. you need to make it your way of life - to stay scarce often, to call just once or twice a day, to go against her wish sometimes, to make the choices and not just follow suit, like when you walk into a restaurant and she says "lets sit there," pointing at one corner, you say "no, I think I prefer this other place." women follow men that are in charge.

They feel safer with men in charge, they feel the too nice guy is yet to be a man and women are looking for real men. If you want to bounce back from a break up, if you want to get back your girlfriend when the break up is still fresh; you just need to start being the Real Man and stop being the wus

Wondering whether my tips about dating and getting back girlfriends works? We have the best website on earth that offer real tips about dating women and free tips and even free guide to dating. feel free to always tell your friends about our site and how easy it is to engage the dating coach.

You need to stop using lots of compliments and stop making the text massages(which shouldn't be much, if any at all) look nice and too complimentary.

If you say "you look sweet" to your girlfriend, anybody can say that. but when you say.... see Why you don't need compliments if you want to get back a girlfriend.


Effective communication - How to get back my girlfriend when the break up is still fresh

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