How to get things fixed with this girl please help me.?

by Adam
(New zealand)

OK I like this girl and we had gone out a couple of times, the first time we went to the club and we did some grinding and some. then the second day I took her to a friends party and we were holding hands and at the end she told me she wanted to do more of that and I am thinking of asking her out again. Yesterday we were talking on the phone and I brought the question about what she really think of us(our relationship) and after about a minutes, she said we are just friends. I haven’t been too good with women so I need your help to fix this, I can’t understand why she said that after partying all night with me.

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How to get things fixed with this girl please help me.?

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What She Thinks About Us
by: Dave Anan

Hey Adam,
Thanks for asking, about what your girlfriend said, don’t take it personal. many girl do that, simply because they don’t want to appear desperate they always want the attention to be diverted to the man as the initiator. women don’t want to look desperate, most of them are scared of calling the shots so they expect you to do that.

Asking her what she thinks about your relationship is not a very manly move and it could have her moving backward, or feeling she is stuck with a man who can’t make the first move. she is probably waiting for you to tell her what you think about the relationship and she would take it. most women are like that, some would keep saying “I don’t know” when you ask them. It is very hard to find a girl that would say “you are my boyfriend and I want to be your girlfriend” they want you to make the move and they would follow.
good luck!

by: Adam

Thanks David,
I know I should make the first move but I wanted to know what she thinks of us before doing that and I wasn’t expecting her to be that blunt. thanks for your advice I guess I should do just that

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