How To Impress A Girl… My Girlfriend

Here is how to impress a girl, but come to think of it, is it really necessary to impress my girlfriend? I have seen guys that were really frustrated with themselves and their dating life.

They keep asking and wondering “How do I impress her.” they have probably been following those internet awkward tips that people believe to work wonders

Do you even need to work off your hands to get her to feel loved and appreciated? Is it really necessary? I think there are lots of ways to impress a girl but most time guys actually misunderstand the real purpose and make a wrong move that could possibly transcend into a Break Up.

Most times it’s just about the “new girl in the block” or some pretty girl you just met, and you are trying out every new move to impress her but you probably kept hitting brick walls. Just know that I have been there before.

I once met a girl at a cyber cafe and it was like love at first sight, within days we became very close and I was totally into her, every move she made was fascinating and made me even more desperate, but there were loads of other guys that were also interested in her, I knew this from the way they looked at her and the way they work so hard to get a chance with her.

How to impress a girl

So I was wondering “how to impress a girl,” at some point I was literally obsessed with her and I really wanted to win the deal, I wanted to be the guy that finally went home with her. I bet every one of us have been in this kind of situation, when you are worried about what to do and how to get her to focus on you

I really needed to impress her and I was searching the internet and everywhere else on “how to impress a girl.” At some point I became jealous and desperate and also bitter that some other guy might make a smarter move. I knew she liked me but I wanted her to love me and snub every other guy that said “hi”

It has been been over five years now and I was in high school then, now the question is “Can I really ultimately impress a girl?” the answer is “No” but can I get her to love me? Of course, yes, I can get everything I want with her and make her really happy to have me but “Impress her?” no way. I think the question should not be about impressing a girl it should be How to Attract a girl

The mere thought of it and every step taking along that path is a complete waste of time and energy required for potential deals. Then, I spend hours grilling and trying hard to dispel the next guy that is trailing her, I wanted to be the only guy, I became jealous, desperate, bitter and frustrated for my lack of dating skills and understanding of “the way women think”

I was wondering how to impress a girl, and for several days before I actually lost her, I got really jealous and would often call her to inquire about her whereabouts then I would always end with “I hope you are not with some other guy” – that screams “Insecure” there is just no better way to show off immaturity and total desperation.

You start losing her the moment you get scared and desperate… wanting to protect it at all cost.

haven’t you noticed that women tend to pull away when you really think of working hard to impress them, when you tell her you would do anything to keep her, when you start searching her phones and sounding insecure with every comment you make – she start moving away.

Then she stops picking your calls and you start imagining her in you mind being with someone else, it felt like something you couldn’t live with but what can you do about it? Keep her under house arrest so no other guy would see her? Oh, you are contemplating marrying her off instantly? that would be cool.

When it comes to women; you don’t need to go over your head to keep them or wonder all day about “how to impress a girl.” you can date her successfully without knocking yourself out

In relationships, girls play Lots of Dating Games to wear the small minded guys out and you can’t really mess up her pretty face probably to stop her from getting the next guy attracted to her, but you do have total control over feeling and you can choose the way you respond to those situations

You don’t need to impress any girl to get her attracted to you and you don’t need to chase off the rest of the guys, you just need to be the best of the guys and you can if you follow my tips.

OK, what do you really think gets a girl attracted to you? your dress or your looks? I wouldn’t write off the possibility but that is not what would likely keep her or get her fascinated about you. Do you think gifts would do the magic? – there is no quicker way to get on her good friends list than Buying Her Expensive Gifts, and that is not a good place for real guys.

When next you are wondering about how to impress a girl, just know that there are only three thing to do and this whole steps takes lesser energy than we spend thinking jealous thoughts.

How to improve your attitude to impress a girl

If you have ever wondered “how do I impress a girl” here is the first thing to do, you need to work on your attitude and behavior and not bribe her with some gifts or services. I know this is the hard part, most guys make a U turn when they hear stuff about self improvement. but you can keep running away or start your own steps to self realization…, take the first step and just keep going.

It takes Self Confidence, the right mental attitude and behavior to really attract a girl and like I said, trust me, you don’t need to impress any woman, it would be like bribing her to stay with you and when she find a tougher guy she would come to the realization that she is worth more than your little gift and petty services

There would be no better way to impress a girl than to give her the gift of a self confident, focused, motivated real man
Every other thing comes second.

How to Impress a Girl With Effective Communication

Good communication skill is very vital to a healthy relationship, you don’t just say it exactly the way you feel. “you need to be sincere” – I get it but there are thing you don’t just say.

You don’t tell a girl that you are scared, or beg her not to leave you, this is not how to impress a girl. you can not impress any girl or get her attracted to you by sounding unsecured and scared, what else do you think women need men for. They need men to give them hope, love and the assurance that “all will be well”

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