how to react to a women who is being rude and very obnoxious.

by gio


I would like to know how to react to a women who is being rude and very obnoxious (especially if she’s with her friends) when you are trying to talk to her at bar or any pick up place. How is one to respond. Should I snap back with a another rude comment or say something witty (like what? I just got insulted). How can you walk away from any insulting situation you can get from girls and still feel and look cool without them getting the upper hand on your coolness.

Thank you.

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how to react to a women who is being rude and very obnoxious.

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How to react women who are obnoxious and rude
by: Dave Anan

Some women are just that way, I call them the Wonder Girls they seduce you to develop feelings for them while they treat you like trash sometimes.

I need more detail about your relationship and how she behaves, when and does she still love you??

eply to Dave Anan
by: gio

I am single. I meant in general when I am out on the dating scene at a club or bar or wherever.
How would you respond to the mean rude chick hanging with her friends that gangs up on you with insults for no reason?

How to react to a girl who is being very rude and obnoxious
by: Dave Anan

It takes lots of self discipline and self control to manage women. we have five basic temperaments, different women respond to situations differently but at the end, they ALL want to achieve the same end – to be recognized and accepted or appreciated.

To some girls, they have to make someone look dirty to look good, it is just the way they operate, they are mostly teenagers or in their early twenties. There is only one way to avoid this kind of out-burst, you can’t totally control it, just be a real man.

Pretend like it doesn’t bite you. whatever she says, smile and walk away. and then don’t go behind to beg her to stop, don’t make her look important in any way, that’s just what she want.

Is she someone in your class or the same school?

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