how to start up a conversation with a girl whom i dont know??


Hello Sir, I m Revant and I love a girl from three months but i have been hiding this feeling and now its disturbing me a lot. I haven’t spoken to that girl and even she doesn’t knows me at all.

Whenever i walk towards her my heart beat starts increasing and words don’t come out from my mouth.sometimes i feel strange because frankly speaking i look ugly and the girl is too beautiful and too rich…but i assure that nobody can take care of her as i will do if she falls for me..

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how to start up a conversation with a girl whom i dont know??

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how to start up a conversation
by: Dave Anan


You are not the first guy at this stage of life, I used to be like that, I used to be really scared of approaching women and here is what I think; You will drastically improve if you follow my tips and read more of the articles on my site, visitors have reputed them as ‘wonder-working’ and I think they do more than that.

If you want to increase your confidence and approach women without fear, all you need to do is just approach them and be ready to fail or at-least mess up a little for the first couple of attempts.

There is no sudden confidence builder, just arm yourself with the knowledge that even the girl you are scared of approaching is also looking for the ‘best guy in the house’. Every pretty girl is looking for a tough guy to approach and date them

The hard part is transcending from the scared little kids we used to be into a real and confident guy that would be able to date any girl irrespective of her color, height or looks.

Here is what I have said altogether; Approach her anyway, you may fail the first and second time but will stop failing at a certain stage if you keep hitting at it. But if you just chose not to ever try because you don’t want to mess up you will likely remain as you are and that wouldn’t be good for your dating life.

She is not the most pretty girl on earth and she’s got feelings too so do what you are supposed to do, if you fail miserably – which is very unlikely – you would have learned how to fail at least!

goodluck and do keep me posted

How to start up a conversation with a girl??
by: Dave Anan

This week, a very impressive and interesting article was released on How To Talk To Girls. You need to see it

But most importantly, I realized that it takes just more than being able to run our mouth to communicate effectively with a pretty girl, you would need to Increase Your Self Confident The article is like nothing you have seen before.

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