I am A bit confused whether she is afraid of serious relationship

by True

I was wondering if girls could sometimes get scared of being committed to one guy. I live in the same city with this girl I met her six months ago and she was doing the same sports as me. A month back our sports team were having a vacation together we got talking and also flirted, actually she is 19 and I am 21. Over the months I figured we had a lot in common, we think alike and always want to do the same thing.

After the vacation I invited her over to my house and she agreed to come which she did, we ate together saw the new season twenty four, then a little cuddling and kissing then some. In the morning I saw her off and while we were walking on the street she told me she didn’t want to get into a serious relationship, talked about how she wanted to stay alone, she was being different from the girl I ate with last night. I thought guys were the one always running away from a serious relationship.

I really like this girl and I think she likes me too, OK, recently I met her again and within a period of 1 month we watched a football match together, visited a friend of mine and even kissed in his house but this week(after the kiss) she keeps refusing to see me, like i hurt her or something. I just can’t understand all this “on and off” one minute she is kissing me and the other minutes she is not picking my calls. I think I just need to give her some time or what do you think

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I am A bit confused whether she is afraid of serious relationship

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Effective communication would solve the problem
by: Dave Anan

Don’t take it personal, It is not really what you can change in minutes. recently I discovered how much effective communication could drive a relationship forward. seem like she’s been in some failed relationships, girls with such back story always want to run away from men, sometime they want to go, and when they see someone they really like they can’t help it. After a romantic session they go home and regret their acts. Initially they concluded never to meddle with men but now she made a mistake. that is how they often think it. When ever she thinks she made a mistake, she would promise her self never to get back at it again. then she start withdrawing, fighting hard to stay away even against her own will. she only fight because of her past experience not because you are not playing your part.

She doesn’t want to be hurt again. The best thing to do is to talk to her. A one on one session would do it, it has always done it. women always want to talk, I think you guys are just carried away with the movies and the fun and those kissing you forgot to communicate, ask her why she wanted to stay away, The only thing to do is to tell her you wouldn’t hurt her (that is if you are sure you wouldn’t)– See effective communication
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I am who is a bit confused on what is an what is not
by: Anonymous

I am who is a bit confused on what is an what is not

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