I Am A Girl Wanting a Guy – How To Make Him fall In Love

by CrasyB
(San Diego, CA, U.S.A)

Hi there,
So there’s this guy (of course) and im pretty sure he has interest in me. We are both in the same grade and going to be seniors in high school.

He is very smart, im friends with his friends, and Ive just gotten to know him this last year. I’ve done my research and noticed his actions towards me are supposed to indicate that he is interested… well I’m not so sure.

He is sending me mixed signals because on the “good days”, he will wait for me, talk, linger and break away from his guy friends to be with me, act goofy etc… and the “bad days” (the day after the good day) he will seem quiet, distant and not as peppy towards me.

He would even go through a class period avoiding me and leave immediately and not walk with me.

Before we really started to connect and I developed a crush (about 3 months left in the school year) he asked another girl ,who his best friend thinks is mean and was mean to me in 9th grade, out to prom. He even posted photos of them on FB which he rarely updates. I didn’t go to prom (no one asked =/) and when I asked him about it he just shrugged and didn’t say anything about it, only commented about the food… About 2 weeks after prom and when we started to spend more time together (at school) I noticed that he took the FB pics down of prom.

I though that was a positive sign that he has interest. But then the “good/bad” days started occurring and then even worse signals started to happen. In the last month of school, He was ignoring me for 2 to 3 days in a row (not his usual every other day). So I just left him and let him be.

I think he was trying to upset me or send a permanent message to back off because one day on the “last official week of school before finals” about 3 minutes before class was to begin after lunch, he was walking from the library to the class and I know he saw me bec he glanced at me then looked away.

The girl he asked to go to prom was sitting near me with her friends on a long bench. He sat down about 3 feet next to them, got a pencil and binder out (for no reason) and just sat there staring t the paper.

I came up to him and asked him if he wanted to walk to class (now we were brimming late) and he said hes just going to sit there for a while. I went to class (very jealous and confused) and he came in 5 minutes late with out a word. It’s summer now and I haven’t talked/seen him since.

we’ve never hug out outside of school but he does stick around (on the good days) after school for hours with me even if his mom is waiting to pick him up (he doesn’t drive). On the good days he is everything Ive ever wanted. But on the bad days, he makes me feel sad and confused. The other girl and her friends have known him longer since they are in Spanish. Ive just met him this past year and really gotten to know him for 3 months.

Please explain his actions and if he’s interested. If hes not into me, then I’ll drop him no problem and we would just be friends. if he does like me, how do i ask/tell him? Thanks a ton, I know its long.

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I Am A Girl Wanting a Guy – How To Make Him fall In Love

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I Am A Girl Wanting a Guy – How To Make Him fall In Love
by: Anonymous

Wow! I like long posts, thanks for asking.
I need to learn something about your guy before I can answer your question. According to your message there are good days and then bad days.

Have you been able to investigate the circumstance that affect his mood swing or behavior, it is just a little bit unusual for a guy to act this weird and how often does his mood swing??

I will be able to give you a direct answer after your reply
Dave Anan

by: Crasybird

well, he is on the “quieter side” as in not used to talking to new people. But he is open to people he already knows. Near the beginning, he never mood swinged. then it turned to mood swing every other day. Then at the end of school, it was 2 to 3 days of mood swings.

add on
by: Crasybird

There appears to be no reason why he would mood swing…

I Am A Girl Wanting a Guy
by: Dave Anan

Wow! Relationships like this can only get more frustrating and mind-wrenching, trust me, I know from experience.

Can you give him a break?

Do you have his cell line?

How often do you call him in a day?

do you sort of throw yourself at him?

have you told him before that he mean the whole world to you?

We can deal with this together either here or you can chose to Subscribe To My Email Coaching for a more detailed and private conversation, YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO ATTRACT AND KEEP HANDSOME GUYS TO YOURSELF.

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