I am broke just because of dating many women.

by gio


How is a guy supposed to date many woman when the average date costs over $100.00?
Dating is expensive and girls expect you to have money especially on the first date.
That is one of the biggest hold backs on dating different women. After all the pick up skills that you teach get you the phone numbers. How do you come up with a economical way of dating all these women on an average paying salary?

A lot of my friends are broke just because of dating many women.

Thank you.

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I am broke just because of dating many women.

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How to Spend Less on Women
by: Dave Anan

Wao! I have been expecting a question like this… about Dating many Women to pop out very soon.

To be frank with you, I don’t try to Impress Girls in any way, not on the first date or any other day and I say that when it comes to dating woman and building a successful relationship, you don’t really need lots of money. you just need the right attitude.

women don’t stick with you because you spent lots of money on her the other day, most guys could easily do that.

Alright, do you remember the last woman you spent a lots of money on? where is she now?

With another guy??

I need your answer!

reply to Dave Anan
by: gio

I do not mean spending lots of money as in showing off. I mean an average date, nothing special. In average dating with two to three girls a week money goes quick. I do not care how you try to save, you have to have a decent amount of money. I know the difference between a gold digger and a good woman. The question still stands. How do you juggle women on an average salary?

You are forced to juggle when you are single due to the law of probability and averages. In other words
you have to date many to find the right one.

Were do you take all your women
by: Anonymous

Were do you take all your women on dates that saves you so much money? Especially the first dates.

How to control lots of Women
by: Dave Anan

You need to date lots of women to find the right one but two to three in a week is way too much, except you are on a dating spree, – trying to taste all the ladies. And what do you mean by the right one and how do you look?

Do you make a full observation and conclusion in matter of days?

Most times I date two to three ladies in a stretch of six months, and they don’t give me troubles. When you meet a girl who it fascinated about you, you don’t need an average restaurant to keep those passion rolling, you only need a “players attitude”

How do you spend your money and where? I walk into a restaurant with a pretty girl and I start off with a casual discussion… more on How to Talk to girls, “How do you feel about this place?” Not because I will take her to somewhere else if she says “I don’t like here.”

Then I go like “I don’t really like hanging out, I like staying at home.” – while dating girls, don’t try to do it the way they WANT it or try to impress them in any way, that’s just why you do everything and don’t see them the next day.

After a while I walk away and return with a tray of cold drinks that’s how I go about it most times.

No matter the kind of money I have, spending on girls is really not a wise idea. Women kind of get glue to a man who is in-charge, who does it mostly his on way and even tell them the position to seat in a restaurant. They think we are the real men while the ones that give lots of compliments and try to impress them are just the boys.

Have you walked into a restaurant before and the girl said “let’s seat here” – pointing to the position of her choice and you followed, there is just no better way to be a wus.

We guys need to assume total control, when I walk in with a lady and we are headed to one of those round-tables, most times I tell them where to seat “seat here” then I seat adjacent. from that point, you are in charge, whatever you do would be acceptable.

but when you give her the lead role, you just have to follow and they can snuff life out of you when you are always following.

Do you invite girls to your house? I don’t really juggle more than five ladies in a stretch of six months and most times when a lady is attracted to you, all you need do is make the call and she does whatever you say.

in my case, I feel a lot comfortable at home and I end up spending almost nothing.

by: Jerome

Dave, I solidly maintain that you are one of the best dating coaches on earth. Your idea of dating women is mind-twisting, I literally sleep on your site

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