I am not getting the desired response… from a girl

by Ravi
(Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)

hi coach, I have a question for you. Actually there is a girl in my college. I have her phone number and only a few times we have talked through text messages. also whenever we talk i feel like as if she is doing some formality. sometimes she even does not reply to my messages. so i thought not to message her for some days. i did’nt messaged her for 10 days. then on new year i messaged her ‘wishing new year’ but then also she didnt replied. now i am frustrated from her but i love her so much. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO NOW AND ALSO GIVE ME SOME TIPS SO THAT I CAN DIVERT HER THINKING TOWARD ME. PLEASE REPLY FAST.

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I am not getting the desired response… from a girl

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Why she is not giving out the required responce
by: Dave Anan

Hello Ravi,
how is India I am really sorry about showing up late I hope to improve on that in the nearest future. You are just involved in a typical relationship hiccup that would eventually settle if you apply the right and neccesary force.

It is a known facts that we may not be able to date all the girls we deire even when we do everything right but we would be rest assured atleast that we tried our best.

You are moving at a good speed, I just want to know what is happening at the moment, when was the last time you called?

What happened?

Are you still interested in dating her?

I will be with you till the issue is resolved.

Happy new year
Dave Anan

further explanation
by: Ravi

hi. thanks for replying. last time i talked to her around 18 Dec 2011. now she is out for her vacations and her phone is switch off. after that we have talked only 2 times on facebook and that too the conversations were very short. after seing her replies it feels as if she is doing a formality. now please tell me what to do? she will be back within 5 days. also i want to tell one thing about her. she is full of attitude. please help me.

How To Get The Dessired Responce From A Girl
by: Jerome

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