I have already kissed this girl. . . now what?

by Kevin
(New England)

Hello coach, I have been talking to this beautiful girl for over 2 months now. I have kissed her plenty of times even had her on my lap while kissing her and grabbing her butt in my car the first two times we hung out btw she did let me grab her butt. We talk pretty much everyday and its kind of obvious that she likes me or else she wouldn’t let me kiss her and stuff like that.

After the first two times we hung out, for about a month or so she would always say “no” when I asked to see her after work (she works everyday until from 1pm-9pm or so). Until recently she asked me to bring her to work, which I did and I got a kiss from her when I picked her up and then again when I dropped her off (she even leaned over to kiss me first before I could and she gave me some tongue action with it).

Later that same day when I asked to see her again she told me I already had seen her that day which i replied “so I can only see u once per day?” she replied “yes:)”. . . . I brushed it off telling her whatever pretty much. Theres plenty more I could tell you but i’m just trying to give you some insight of what the situation is like.. that being sed, I want to know {Why is it that when I want to see her most of the time she says no?} and also why when the subject comes up and I ask if she likes me she says no also? when its pretty clear to me that she does unless the kisses mean nothing to her.

Is she just playing hard to get and should I stay persistent or just show less constant attention ? Please get back to me asap. My email address is [email protected] again to confirm my email is [email protected] thank you.

P.s. when i asked her if she was into me she sed no so i asked her why do you kiss me then. . . she replied I wont kiss u again I promise… now she has sed that before and afterwards I did get another kiss down the line.. get back to me asap.

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